Monday, July 15, 2024

A new slogan for The Month of Youth Against AIDS to be unveiled

A new slogan for the Month of Youth Against AIDS will be launched tomorrow (Monday) at the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC). This will start with marches around the city to the BNYC where the launch will take place.
The new slogan is called triple one (111).

Triple one will not be replacing those slogans that have been in place but intends to fill in the blanks.
Triple one means ‘1 me, 1 partner, 1 life’.

The executive director of BNYC, Ndulamo Anthony Morima, said, “Triple one is about the individual and also looks at partner reduction and the value of life itself.”

The previous slogans are still in place but this year’s slogan intends to give extra support to the previous ones. The ABC slogan never mentioned anything about partner reduction but the issue of abstinence can be supported by 1 me; being faithful will be supported by 1 partner.

Morima said the rampant spread of the AIDS pandemic is due to the escalating numbers of multiple sex partners, thus they have identified the partner reduction as key to the spread of the HIV, more so that in Botswana it is mainly driven by heterosexual transmission.

“If we can reduce the number of sexual partners, condomise and be faithful, the spread of the pandemic would be greatly reduced,” said Morima.

The goal of the Month of Youth Against AIDS campaign this year is mainly about partner reduction; it is also a way to get those lagging behind to commit to a zero transmission lifestyle and keep the promise.

Once again, the BNYC considers behavior change and communication campaigns targeting young people to remain relevant this year. This will be youth led and focused mainly on youth.

As is the norm, there is also a theme song, this year by Ditiro and Gongmaster. They are expected to participate in the launch tomorrow. BNYC branches will also launch this event in their own districts

Road shows have been arranged for the month of March to try and reach as many areas of the country as possible. Where possible the artists of the theme song will attend the road shows and perform live. The artists have volunteered to compose this year’s theme song as a way of doing their part in fighting this pandemic.


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