Monday, October 3, 2022

A peep into Mamelodi DC docket

According to the charge sheet sent to Mamelodi dated just a day before Valentine’s Day 2017, the beleaguered BPL CEO will face five charges of gross misconduct.

In the first charge, the suspended BPL CEO is alleged “to have entered into various contracts without obtaining the authorisation of the BPL Board. Among the said contracts is that he entered into contracts between the BPL and a South African sports media group as well as another one between the BPL and one local car rental company.

Mamelodi is also alleged to have paid the said media company and the car rental company some combined monies in excess of P200 000, all this without the authorisation of the BPL Board.

In count two, he is charged with the misappropriation of the association’s funds. Under the said charge, Mamelodi is alleged to have failed to account for some monies which, the BFA alleges, amounts to “dereliction of duty and failure to adhere to established BFA financial practices”.

On the third count, the suspended BPL CEO is alleged to have made unauthorised expenditures which are said to have contributed to the “dire financial status of the BPL”. According to the charge sheet, at various times, Mamelodi had, without the authorisation of the BPL Board, hired vehicles which were used by the BPL staff and referees to attend matches.

It is also alleged that he himself had at times used the hired vehicles despite being given monthly vehicle allowance. He is also alleged to have paid some BPL staff who remained in the BPL service some “notice pay” as well as “authorising staff welfare allowances to employees”, all this without the authorisation of the BPL Board.

For his fourth and penultimate charge, Mamelodi is alleged to have unduly benefited from the BPL. As with the third charge, the BPL CEO is said to have used hired vehicles whilst receiving monthly vehicle allowance. 

In the last count, he is alleged to have failed to follow “laid down BFA financial regulations and procedures”. 

It is said that while the BPL CEO, Mamelodi “failed to implement the internal controls, as stipulated by the BPL Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual as well as the BFA Finance and Procedures Manual”. It is alleged that at various points, Mamelodi had failed to conduct tender procedures for some jobs which were outsourced by the BPL.

While the BFA is keen to see him face a disciplinary committee, Mamelodi has cast aspersions at the charges, which mostly stem from the Forensic Audit which the suspended BPL CEO feels is not legitimate and is therefore challenging it in the courts of law.

If his presentation before Justice Lakvinder Walia when he sought to stop the disciplinary hearings, in his defence, the BPL CEO is likely to dispute the outcomes of the audit report, more so that the auditors never called him to answer or give his side of the story for his alleged misconducts.

Mamelodi is is also expected to dispute the allegations that he had carried some BPL businesses without the authorisation of the BPL. According to sources, the suspended BPL CEO will in his affidavits attach some signed documents from the then BPL hierarchy authorising the said expenditures.


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