Saturday, June 15, 2024

A sojourn to the Mother City

Nations from all over the world will congregate at South Africa’s legislative capital city, Cape Town, which has also been described as the ‘quintessential melting pot’ for the 15th edition of the Cape Town Jazz Festival in just eight days.

Aside from the National Assembly, Cape Town is also home to various landmarks of which the Jazz Festival revelers will get to enjoy between the respective shows. From all cardinal points across the Mother City one is able to marvel at the magnificent view of the Table Mountain.

One can get to the top of this natural beauty by the use of a cable car along the cable way, while hiking is also an option for adrenaline junkies.

Another landmark not to be left unexplored by visitors is the Cape Point, a gem within a gem as it is at the peak of the Table Mountain. The Cape Point is the place where the cold current of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmer current of the Indian Ocean collide at the tip of the Cape Peninsula.

With such a sparse and diverse population and culture, one of the major tourist attractions, and the wide variety of food and drinks, missing the famous ‘Shisanyama’ from the townships would be an absolute abomination.

Also available are the African, Asian, Mediterranean and German cuisines and as it is a coastal city.

Cape Town will definitely be a fish lover’s heaven. Notorious for its ample vineyards, it has some of the best wineries in the world, producing some of the best wine in the world.

The night life in the Mother City is also worth mentioning since its pretty amazing as well and has a vast variety of clubs, pubs and restaurants. One has to make an appearance along Long Street, a very long street at the heart of the city where some of Cape Town’s best kept secrets lie.

What is a vacation without a bit of shopping? With seven major shopping centres, each offering something different, revelers will be spoilt for choice. Cape Town is home to Africa’s shopping Oasis, Canal Walk, the largest, grandest shopping centre in Africa.

This mall hosts a vast array of shops, designer clothing boutiques, up market eateries and the large amusement park, Ratanga Junction, with rides suitable for the whole family.

Extending one’s stay would be a good idea, but with all the fun filled activities available, coming back for round two would even be a better one.


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