Wednesday, June 12, 2024

A Sunday of Full body massage, manicure and pedicure!

I walked in through the door but what i didn’t realise at the time was that i was also walking into people’s lives and as it turned out, mine too. I had known about the Multichoice pampering treat a few days before its scheduled day, Sunday 17 May and my mind had naturally weaved decorated thoughts about it. Believe me when i say that deep down in my heart a celebratory concert was steaming off. A life of weekly “deadlines and headlines” has its eroding downside, so, yes, I needed the pampering! My initial thoughts flaked off when the experience turned out to be so much more than just a rejuvenating exploit.
Full body massage, manicure and pedicure happened in that particular order and i also enjoyed delightful and illuminating conversations with women blessed with both physical and soulful beauty. The conversations peeled off the first sight impressions and dug out bits and pieces of information that journeyed us through each other’s lives. We meet new people everyday but seldom do we ever go beyond the top coat.

Full body massage
I was coming from church where i had completely dried out my spirit in an earnest effort to cleanse it. I was spiritually free and light and i couldn’t help but think that the massage needed to trudge a steep slope to beat that Amen-halleluiah feeling. I soon realised after a few gentle and awakening touches in my body that it too needed emancipation. The crafty touches charged my body with both power and sensuality. The masseuse’s hands sculpted my body into a new and refreshed frame free of tension and knots. Now that i think about it, my body was the masterpiece in the Art of massaging. The experience left a lingering memory and even though it held me in spellbound sadness, it filtered my heart because i didn’t just want to have it as a memory, I wanted more. I wanted to pack the feeling so that i can take it out and plaster it on me to relive the experience whenever i needed to. If there is one thing left to be invented it is to re-live experiences as more than just a memory but as things that can physically manifest just as they were experienced. It being my first full body massage, I’d say that it left me with such wild thoughts.

Pretty lives in nails! The soft caress on my hands coupled with nail treatment brought the girlie-girl out of me and i’m usually not that girl. We snuck in conversations about books to have on the bedside and the list surely was interesting. While i am typing this piece i am also drooling at my nail colour, the colour blends in so effortlessly with my skin.

A personal struggle that closed me out from this beautifully enveloped experience. I grew up with a deep seated insecurity about my feet. From a young age i believed that my feet were the ugly in me and so i mastered the art of hiding them. To bare them in full view of the other people’s eyes was uncomfortable and to have someone touch and handle them gave me pricks in my heart. I secretly prayed that my feet were not the worst she had seen. My first pedicure made me walk into my own life and come face to face with the ugly in me. Looking at my ugliness convinced me that that’s what everyone else was seeing. A bright polish on my toes is a different look than i am used to and it didn’t fix me but what it did is open a small door on my heart to start looking at my toes a little differently. The women assured me that they did not see any kind of ugly whatsoever (hmm you see why i think they are soulfully beautiful). First i paint my toes, next i will paint a new thought about my feet, one pedicure at a time. The Multichoice pampering treat is an experience i thought was worth sharing.


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