Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Abian Ntshabele responding well to treatment

A few months after uniting the nation in the biggest fundraising campaign ever Abian Ntshabele seems to be responding well to medical treatment. If all goes well the young Abian will soon be back home from the UK where she is receiving medical attention with assistance from her mother.

But her mother, Tiny Ntshabele, warns it will take time before Abian fully recovers. “She still needs monitoring even when she gets back to Botswana and she will still need to come over to the UK for review,” Tiny says.

“Hopefully she will eventually recover fully and although it’s promising her condition can get a bit tricky if not monitored,” she says, adding, “The tumours can reoccur and need a surgical procedure to be removed again.”

Giving an update on Abian’s situation on Thursday, Tiny said she would be seeing a new doctor. “Our future doctor is on the mend now, having been to theatre for procedures a fewer times than expected, “she said. She said on June 26 Abbie had a chest drain inserted to drain a fluid collection at the bottom of her right lung. The sample, Tiny said, was taken for testing and the results came back clean (post OP inflammations) and the medical team is not worried.
“The drain shall be removed today, yaay!” she celebrated.

She said Abian’s overnight Nasogastric feeds continued to push calories in to build up her tiny body. She said the tummy wound dressing continues and that Abian attended hospital school every day.

“She does physio sessions once a week now and a Psychologist also comes once a week. She is down to one pain killer (12 mcg fentanyl patch from 50mcg and morphine and all sorts), C – reactive protein (CRP) level is down to 14 from 289 (normal is under 5). She is off antibiotics and the infection is gone,” Tiny said Abian was also off the oxygen mask.

She said tomorrow (Monday July 6th) Abian will go to the theatre for skin graft on her tummy wound. “The plastic surgeon was called in to review the wound that is caused by multiple surgeries and overstretched skin making it impossible to close up easily,” she said. Tiny said Abian had had an improved quality of life after all the procedures that have been done on her and this time around she did most stuff independently as was the case before her illness.

“She now has a flat tummy, does her personal care without needing any assistance, eats ,walks, breathes normally, plays ,sleeps throughout the night, and shows a bit of character.” She said Abian’s consultant was discussing going home with the team. “She made it clear to me that she doesn’t think our princess is yet ready for a 11 or 12hr flight back home (to Botswana). The commercial flights need a supporting letter from the respiratory team. So they will assess after skin graft.”

But although, Tiny told Lifestyle that Abian was feeling a lot better, she is home sick, missing her friends and family. “She is thinking about going back to school when it’s all done.” Although still waiting for the final bill Tiny worries the amount may have sky rocketed. Funds for Abian’s medical expenses are still welcome and those willing to assist can donate to: Abian Ntshabele FNB acc # 62263884291 main branch Botswana. UK bank account details HSBC Bank, Acc 42013940, sort code 400917- Tiny Lerato Ntshabele.


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