Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Accidents increase along the F/Town-Tonota road

The Department of Roads Transport and Safety (DRTS) in Francistown is concerned over failure by motorists using the Tonota-Francistown road to obey road construction signs, a habit which has led to an increase in accidents on the road.
The 40km Tonota-Francistown highway is currently under construction to try and reduce traffic congestion and help reduce accidents.
Speaking to The Telegraph, the Principal Officer at DRTS in Francistown, City Keatlholetswe said there is a growing trend by some motorists who choose to ignore the road construction signs leading to fatal accidents.
He also said that some of the motorists have a habit of overtaking others during traffic congestions particularly between Tati Siding village and Francistown.
“Construction of the Tonota-Francistown road is ongoing and this has led to high traffic congestions. There is a disturbing trend by some motorists, between Tati Siding village and Francistown, who choose to ignore the road construction signs and over take other vehicles trying to avoid the traffic congestion. These often result in fatal accidents. They do so due to impatience especially when they are late for work in the morning,” Keatlholetswe said.
He however could not produce statistics on the number of accidents saying that the police are in a better position to give them.
On what they are doing to try and purge an increase of accidents on the road, Keatlholetswe said that they are currently engaged in road safety campaigns in an effort to educate motorists and sensitize them on road safety.
“This congestion which normally occurs in the morning is mainly due to the fact that there are many people who work in Francistown and reside in Tati Siding and Tonota villages. We have been holding campaigns in these villages to educate people particularly the motorists on road safety. We normally advice them to use public transport rather than individual cars to try and reduce congestion on the road more especially that the road is still under construction,” he said.


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