Wednesday, July 17, 2024

African army worm under control ÔÇôMoA

The African army worm, which early this year brought fears of poor harvests after it invaded fields and grazing areas around the country, has been brought under control.

Moreri Moesi, the Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, says that the worm had been brought under control through their efforts as a Ministry, adding that they had sent out teams of workers to spray in the fields the worm had invaded.

“Biological factors such as heavy rainfall and marabou storks have greatly assisted us in the fight against the worm around the country,” he said. Besides that, he said the worm has since reached the end of its life cycle, which takes between 16 and 21 days.

Moesi said that they know that there are chances of re-invasion by the worm and that they have increased their monitoring mechanisms by, amongst other things, setting up monitoring traps in all the areas the worm had invaded.


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