Saturday, October 24, 2020

Ain’t no holiday like My ‘Maun Experience’

Forget about the tired rhetoric by GC peeps that they don’t want to do Maun on festive because it’s usually saturated by many of the city dwellers. The fact is; it’s the very combination of city slickers and those outgoing Maun folk that makes for a perfect holiday. There is nothing as refreshing as hanging out with ordinary folk in a completely different, yet relaxed, enjoyable and beautiful environment and under completely different circumstances. No talk about work, politics, business and all that tired stuff. Just fun, music, jokes and chilling out. Perfect company, perfect setting, perfect holiday.


The only thing one can ask for is an extended period of fun. Whether enjoying your drink at Bon Arrivee, The Boma, downtown at Duck Pond, or by the riverside, it all makes for a fantastic festive. And that is just a fraction of what “My Maun Experience” (MME) offers.


What is a holiday in Maun without a boat cruise along the Thamalakane River? Endurance Travel offers cruises along the river on a daily basis. The golden combination of bright colours that flare out when the sun kisses the waters during the twilight makes for a picturesque scene. It is one of the many perks that come with being part of “My Maun Experience”.


“Its seven o’clock right now. In Gabs we could all be tense at this time, scurrying around trying to get ten things done at the same time. But this is Maun, and here we are all chilled,” says Bissau Gaobakwe as we sail through the Thamalakane river on one of the many boat cruises. “We are relaxed and enjoying nature.”


Although some parts of the river are almost completely dry there are certain areas where there is enough water for a short cruise. Our guide, Moa revealed that midyear (June, July, and August) when the levels are at their highest it’s possible to cruise all the way to the delta.

Cruising through the Thamalakane River presents a perfect opportunity to interact with the many animal species that share the river with locals. For bird watchers there are plenty of species; from the African darter, to the woodland kingfisher, and pelicans among others. There are also plenty of other animal species like hippos, crocodiles, giraffes and monkeys.


The mokoro (canoe) also presents another alternative to enjoy the scenery. Compared to a boat, a mokoro offers a quieter, serene and peaceful experience. Occasionally there’s only the sound of waves as the polers propel the canoe through the waters’ plus a combination of sweet melodies from the countless species of birds across the river.

They say half the fun of “My Maun Experience” is actually in getting there. The trip to Maun on December 26th was no different. The MME team made an overnight stop in Marobela where former 800 meter runner and Olympic silver medallist Nigel Amos hosted various activities. Former Zebras captain Dipsy Selolwane also conducted a football clinic for Marobela youngsters.

Amos hosted a family fun day followed by a music festival featuring Sasa Klass, MMP Family, and Apollo Diablo among others.

 “I do this every year,” he told Lifestyle.

On December 27th the team arrived to a Carling Blue Label all white party held at the BMC Club (Maun) followed by a music festival featuring Scar at Fresh Exclusive night club.

The MME team held another football coaching clinic at Maun stadium on December 29th   , also conducted by Selolwane. There was the MME 32 km cycling competition on December 30 won by Tow Laden and Kaputuari Katjipanda. The two finished at the same time to claim first position, while Carlos Ntsie and Jobe Khumoemang settled for second and third positions respectively.

Kefilwe Liu won the female race. Unaswi Dambe and Keamogetse  Mosimanyane were the two winners for both men and women respectively at the MME 12 km fun run held at Maun Lodge. MME also led a clean-up campaign at the popular Big Tree chilling spot along the Thamalakane River.

The week-long marathon of fun filled activities is the brainchild of Sixty3 Entertainment, in conjunction with Dose Mosimanyane’s D.O.C Entertainment.

“We realised it can be a bit expensive for an ordinary Motswana to explore the delta and related tourist attraction areas on their own,” Sixty3 Entertaiment Managing Director, Gaobakwe has said in the past.

“That is part of the reason we partnered with the relevant stakeholders to come up with an affordable holiday package for everyone.” The organisers say they plan to host a curtain raising event in July this year as part of Botswana’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. “Details will be announced as soon as preparations are under way,” Mosimanyane says.

“That is part of the reason we partnered with the relevant stakeholders to come up with an affordable holiday package for everyone.”


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