Monday, August 8, 2022

Air Botswana heads roll

Air Botswana General Manager, Lance Brogden, and some senior executives have been axed following the airline’s failed privatization.

Brogden, who was recruited to prepare Air Botswana for privatization, will vacate his plum post for a new General Manager who will be appointed by a management contractor to be recruited by the Minister of Works and Transport, Lesego Motsumi.

Among other executive managers likely to be axed are Finance Manager, Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, Commercial Manager, Ground Services Manager, Internal Audit Manager, Human Resources Manager and the airline’s Corporate Secretary.
A number of staff members are also expected to loose their jobs in the anticipated restructuring and down-sizing exercise.

The Ministry of Works and Transport placed an advert this week that “AB’s shareholder, the government of Botswana, wishes to recruit an experienced international airline to operate AB through a management contract. The management contractor will be tasked with revitalizing and restructuring the national airline with a view to bringing about sustainable improvement in its performance and increasing its contribution to growth of the tourism sector and the country’s economy in general. The contractor will also be expected to prepare Air Botswana “for eventual privatization by making it attractive for investment by a reputable strategic equity partner.”

According to the “services required” from the contractors as per the advert, “the company that is awarded the management contract (the management contractor) will take charge of the executive management of AB for an initial period of three years, with the possibility of extension…. AB’s existing executive management team comprises the chief executive officer, the heads of the finance, engineering, operations, commercial, ground services, internal audit and human resources divisions and the corporate secretary. The management contractor will provide a new AB management team in place of the existing team. This will comprise a full time Chief Executive Officer and other full time experts in executive management positions as considered necessary.

Over the contract period, the contractor will “review AB’s organizational structure and short and medium term staffing requirements, and AB’s voluntary exit scheme and other available options for staff reduction, and recommend to the board various options for the restructuring and, if necessary, downsizing of AB and implement the agreed options.

The contractor will also be tasked with preparing and obtaining approval for and implementation of a fleet restoration plan “to quickly replace AB’s two jet aircrafts with more suitable aircraft types.”


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