Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Air Botswana takes Brand Botswana aboard Gcwihaba aircraft

A new aircraft, ‘Gcwihaba’, bearing the two visual identities of Air Botswana and Brand Botswana has been unveiled. The initiative seeks to provide increased visibility of both visual identities in domestic, regional and international markets where Botswana operates.

The co-branding of the airplanes is one element of the long-term partnership that the two entities, Air Botswana and BITC, have embarked on to facilitate implementation of national strategy.

The 96-seater aircraft can go to an altitude of 35 000 feet above the ground and boasts of new powerful engines.

“It will be difficult to put Botswana on an international platform if Batswana do not participate in promoting the Brand Botswana project,” said President Ian Khama.

He added that BITC has the task of educating the public about the need of having a national identity, saying that the partnership will result in the co-branded aircrafts displaying the national carrier identity on the tail of the plane as well as the Brand Botswana logo on the body.

The joint venture will see the designing of a new Air Botswana flight attendant uniform, which will infuse aspects of Botswana culture and heritage. Khama emphasised that countries around the world have proven that the success of national identity programs lies in citizen participation.

“A brand is a promise and all Batswana should live up to the promise and fulfill it,” he said.
Khama hailed the partnership, saying that it is a testimony of how organisations can work together to attain the objectives for the national strategy.

“I expect all to be part of this movement as we continue the journey of bringing the brand to life,” he added.

Khama said without change of mindset and behavior it will be difficult to achieve the goal of positioning Botswana on an international platform as an attractive place to visit, work and invest in.

“The national identity is not a short term project nor is it just about tourism or mining industry, it is about the country and its diverse economic landscape, culture, exports,” he said.

He called upon the private sector, parastatals and government entities to embrace the national brand programme as key implementation partners and engage meaningful partnerships with Brand Botswana in order to advance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the country.


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