Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Airport armed robbery suspect on the way home to Botswana

Two years after Tebogo Masifi and four others took part in a spectacular armed robbery that netted P17 million in different currencies, Masifi is on the 17 of October expected to enter Botswana through the Ramatlabama boarder gate, under escort, to come to stand trial for his deeds.
This is according to informed sources in the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

A Court in Johannesburg had, after being approached by the Directorate of Public Prosecution, ruled in favour of having Masifi and his co accused, Ricardo Mlotsha, extradited to Botswana to stand trial for the armed robbery.
After that, the two suspects appealed the decision and were returned to jail to await their appeal hearing.

Masifi, after spending some months in jail withdrew his appeal for extradition and opted to come to Botswana to face the music rather than to sit in a South African jail waiting for an appeal hearing the date of which he did not know.

Mlotsha is, on the other hand, still awaiting his appeal. Sources say he even phoned the authorities in Botswana telling them about his change of mind on the matter.

Two other suspects in this matter, believed to be Mozambiquean citizens, are still at large. Their Motswana counterpart, Jeremiah Modise, is already serving his 10-year-jail term. He was convicted by Gaborone Chief Magistrate Lot Moroka.

South African Police are credited with having played a major role in solving the complex case. The Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations, Mathews Maduwani, had, after the conviction of Modise, said that his conviction would go a long way in showing that crime does not pay as well as the fact that criminals have no place to hide in the modern global village.


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