Saturday, June 22, 2024

Alcohol binging disrupts parliament

Some MPs are drunkards who do not take their work seriously ÔÇô Moatlhodi

Parliament starts work late and is overwhelmed by a backlog of motions because parliamentarians sneak out to drink alcohol in the Members Bar during business hours ÔÇô it emerged this week.

Concerned MPs this week went so far as to label some of their colleagues as “drunkards.”

Addressing parliament after the morning break on Friday, deputy speaker, Gladys Kokorwe, who was speaking from the speaker’s podium, complained that MPs “dragged their feet” especially after the house went on break.

“Drag their feet” is believed to be a euphemism for ‘spend time drinking beer’ at the members lounge when they should be in parliament. In the last sitting of Parliament, Tonota MP, Pono Moatlhodi, complained of alcohol binging in Parliament. He accused MPs of sneaking out of parliament to the members lounge to drink beer when they should be contributing to parliamentary debates.

He said some MPs were drunkards who do not take their work seriously forcing parliament to break because of failure to form a quorum.

“I am personally worried about the late coming by some MP’s to resume business,” said Kokorwe this week. “It will be unfortunate for this House and indeed the entire nation to learn the House did not resume mainly because it did not form a quorum.”

In his address to the nation two weeks ago, President Festus Mogae advised MP’s to pull up their socks and present questions and motions in time. He asked MPs to be serious with their business.

The president also spoke against prolonged deliberations, which he said were unnecessary and only contributed much to the backlog of motions.
But such advice from the highest office seems to have reached deaf ears as MPs are, time and again, dragged inside the House by the chief whip, Botlhogile Tshireletso.


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