Wednesday, April 24, 2024

All the magpies

As Gaborone’s skyline continues to dominate with its hauntingly beautiful sunsets serving as the ideal backdrop, the heart of the city, the new CBD, is without a doubt one of the city’s greatest feats.

As giants of industry, as well as newcomers, lay claim to the new CBD as their new home, the area’s recent facelift has given rise to a certain electric buzz that holds the very promise of the country’s increasing status as a force to be reckoned with. What gives the new CBD that certain je ne sais quoi, however, is the fact that it is, almost inherently, the perfect m├®lange of organisations ranging from SADC headquarters, the Industrial Court and the majesty of the Three Chiefs, to the dazzling Exponential Towers and the ‘green’ wonder that is Prime Plaza, home to listed company, PrimeTime.

Also boasting what has become one of Gaborone’s prime addresses is luxury hotel, Lansmore Masa Square. Standing majestically as part of one of two Masa Towers overlooking the piazza, the hotel offers panoramic views across the cityscape and as far across as the noble Kgale Hill. Lansmore Masa Square, a business first luxury hotel, since it opened its doors early last year, has enchanted the city’s residents and tourists alike with a harmonious concoction of luxury, glamour, and the kind of service that city dwellers had been longing for.

As we flock to the new CBD as the new “it” place to be, whether for business or simply for an after-work drink, there’s something pretty magical about the area that you can’t quite put your finger on. Sitting at Lansmore’s Espretto, which cascades out onto the piazza of Masa Centre, you feel momentarily transported to another world; a world where cocktails flow, the aroma of freshly brewed coffees play with your senses, business rooftop events are a weekly reality and patrons are oftentimes dressed to the nines. Beyond simply the unique blend of offerings available to us, though, the ambiance within this architectural splendour just has a way of making you feel. It’s a feeling; an experience; a feast for the senses. It’s no wonder the bright lights of Lansmore, and indeed of Masa Centre and the new CBD as a whole, entice us like magpies to a precious little charm.

As the new CBD continues to grow with every passing day, and the scaffolding comes down for each of the many towering buildings, the area’s status as heart of the city is not difficult to understand. It provides the perfect sensory base, a pulsing centre for the ever-evolving city and one which breathes life into all around it.


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