Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Alleged Ugandan swindlers flee after fleecing Batswana of thousands of Pula

Another drama took centre stage at the Extension II Magistrates Court this week when Ungandan nationals, who swindled Batswana of hundreds of thousands of Pula, failed to appear in court and the magistrate turned on those who had signed their sureties.

The four accused, Abbey Mubiru, Abbassi Kayango, Mark Bale and Kimuri Mubaraka, are suspected to have fled the country after they failed to appear for two mentions before magistrate John Brown who had granted them bail.

The four are suspected to have fled even though the state had confiscated three vehicles believed to have been proceeds of the crimes committed by the suspects.

The four Ugandan nationals were among six men who allegedly swindled people around Gaborone of money under the pretext that they were traditional doctors.

The four were arrested last month with two others for obtaining money by false pretences from people around Gaborone when they told their victims that their gods would increase their money.

After the state informed the court that the accused were nowhere to be found, the magistrate issued a warrant of their arrest.

During their surety’s appearance on Friday, the six people who had signed their surety informed the court that they were not aware about the whereabouts of the four accused persons.

The six, comprising of hairdressers and students, told the magistrate that they were sorry for their actions but the magistrate ordered that they pay an amount of P2500 each.


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