Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ambassador hails US, Botswana artists’ collaboration

The United States Of America ambassador to Botswana, Michelle Gavin, has said that the relationship between America and African democracies should not be an issue of sponsor and donor.

She said that the United States and Botswana have in so many ways indicated what a successful partnership can look like.

Speaking at a reception held at the Ambassador’s Residence in honour of visiting American artist, Victoria Greising, Gavin said that bringing Greising to Botswana is part of the Arts in Embassies initiative, which aims to bring American art to the world.

Gavin said that it is up to the ambassador to choose a unifying theme that is able to engage young people of the region where he/she is working and respect the perspectives of the youth in question.
She added that she was pleased that local artists had acquired the skills to work with Greising who has been in Botswana for the past two weeks. Greising worked with a few local artists from Thapong Visual Arts Centre to install a piece that was displayed at the ambassador’s residence. Commenting on the piece, Gavin said that she has never imagined that “our partnership could create something so uniquely inspiring as this piece “.

The ambassador spoke highly of Greising’s art works and commended them for being engaging.
She said that the works cannot be admired from a distance but invite the viewer to see them at a closer range. She added that she was pleased that Greising left behind her art work at the residence.

On her part, Gresing said that it was a wonderful two weeks that she spent in Botswana. She said that she was not aware of that she would acquire so much knowledge from Batswana artists. She added that through her stay here, she experienced great dialogue as well as interesting questions.
Greising uses fabric, such as sheets, clothing and curtains, as primary medium for her art works.


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