Sunday, May 22, 2022

Ambassador Nthekela sells Botswana to Swedish business landscape

Botswana’s Ambassador to Sweden Lameck Nthekela says that strengthening the commercial ties between Botswana and Sweden is a goal of delivering a better and more sustainable world for the generation to come.

Nthekela stated that Sweden is one of the most dependable trusted partner in the development of the Botswana economy.

Ambassador to Sweden Nthekela said that his priorities at the mission in Stockholm have been to identify areas of possible economic, social, political and cultural cooperation, as well as to represent Botswana in countries of accreditation for the promotion of good relations between Sweden and Botswana.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Nthekela revealed that his immediate role as the Ambassador to Sweden is to protect and promote national interests, maintaining diplomacy, organising visits, welcoming visitors and supporting resolutions.

Nthekela further stated that as chair of the Council of Member states of International IDEA, Botstock for the period under review (July ÔÇô September) participated in the meeting of the board of advisors.

He observed that Botswana is recognised internationally as a preferred destination in many sectors. Nthekela is of the view that business can help ensure that markets, commerce, technology and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere. He said there has been significant growth in the establishment of new companies that contribute to sustainable development.

“The Embassy has entered into an agreement that whenever we bring cultural groups to Sweden, they could perform at the museum hence promote Botswana’s culture and image,” he stated.

He stated that four Batswana arrived in Sweden in August 2014 to pursue Masters degree programmes under the sponsorship of the Swedish government adding that the scholarship covers tuition, living expenses plus health insurance cover.

“In trade and investment, in the spirit of marketing Botswana in this midst of global competition and limited resources, Botswana Embassy in Sweden in collaboration with the BITC and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture teamed up in the celebration of Botswana’s 48th anniversary of independence previously,” said Nthekela,

He also spoke of Botswana promoting handicrafts in Sweden and that this collaboration between Botswana and Sweden is aimed at instilling local democracy and economic development and poverty alleviation through capacity building in the informal sector. He added that 75 women from the informal sector in Maun and Gumare areas had been trained in business skills over a period of three years from 2012.

Nthekela is optimistic that the embassy together with the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) planning for an inward mission to Botswana in the first quarter of 2015 will be successful. He added that the sectors involved include ICT companies, recycling companies, robotics and simulation, and those that are involved in renewable energy.

“This is a return mission following the visit by BIH which took place in Krinova, Sweden in December 2013,” he said.


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