Sunday, March 3, 2024

America strengthens business ties with Botswana

The United States government has launched an American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Botswana aimed at enhancing trade and business relations between the two countries. U.S. exports to Botswana amounted to $43.8 million in 2011, while U.S. imports from Botswana totaled $293 million in 2011.

“The chamber’s aim is to promote economic development by strengthening Botswana-American business partnerships, trade and investment between the two countries,” said Alfred Dube, the AmCham President.

Dube said America is committed to supporting Botswana development by promoting the two way trade between the two countries. He said AmCham would foster a positive environment for the business communities in both countries, and work to bring commercial relations to their full potential.
He said the establishment of AmCham is not to compete with the national chamber of commerce BOCCIM but, instead, is for creating strong ties between the two.

Botswana members of the American Chamber of Commerce, which include Aon, welcomed the launch of the new trade body in the country, saying that it provided a chance to improve business between the United States and the Botswana firms.

“Through this chamber we want to help government in its decision making because their decisions affect businesses,” said Robert Hormats, the United States under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment.

Hormats said the chamber is dedicated to diversify businesses and the economy. He added that Americans are dedicated to quality and value addition in doing business.

As Botswana is on economic diversification drive, Hormats said the establishment of the chamber will help in achieving this goal. The new chamber has an initial membership of ten firms, operating in Botswana as well as the US and aims to promote American investments in Botswana.


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