Saturday, May 28, 2022

An innovative and influential force in the fashion industry

Local fashion designer, Mothusi Lesolle, has become a household name by creating for bold designs with memorable elements not only in the local fashion scenes but also in other African countries.

Lesolle is fast proving his limitless vision to passionately shape the future of fashion in Botswana, as well as on global level. His dedication, passion and pioneering achievements have formed the basis of his brand’s growth and the principle of sustaining sheer elegance underlines all that he stands for.

Although it has only been two years since Lesolle started his designing, he continues to grow ÔÇô one among the most prolific fashion designers in the country who’s well on his way to becoming globally renowned.

For Lesolle, fashion is about innovation, being daring and of course being dramatic as he continuously pushes the boundaries.

“Growing up, I was always told that I was a designer in waiting. Funnilyy enough designing was not my dream but rather I was fascinated by clothes and I loved fashion because I used to watch television and read magazines to see the latest fashion clothes,” he said.

Lesolle explains that it was only recently that he answered the call from the fashion gods to be a designer after he created his first garment.

He said he realised how talented he was after designing a chiffon kaftans for Jazz artist Nnunu Ragontse when she was launching her album.

“She looked stunning in it and everyone was really impressed with my work and they encouraged me to start my own label. This design made me what I am today and Nnunu always tells me that it is still one of her favorites,” he said.

Coming from a family that adores looking fabulous, Lesolle explains that the love for clothes is a norm in the family as it transfers to every generation.

“My grandmother grew up obsessed about playing with clothes and making a statement with her outfits, I always looked up to her as she owned everything of the label coco Chanel,” he said.
Lesolle decided to start his own label which he later named ‘iZaura. He explains that the name comes from a slavery series that his mom used to love watching when he was still a young boy.
The series which was called ‘Escava Isaura’ was based on a slave who was white but trapped in a black skin.

“I felt this described the designer that had been trapped in me for so many years. Also looking at how the slaves evolved to take the lead today, I believe iZaura will take the lead in world fashion one day so all my designs are always inspired by this,” he said.

Lesolle has so far dressed other local artists and socialites including Kearoma Rantao, Tshepo Ntshole and Rosemary Keofitlhetse.

He said he also draws inspiration from other established fashion designers like David Tlale but is mostly inspired by local designers who have made a huge impact in the local fashion scenes like Mpho Kuaho, Thato Mokgadi, Lesedi Matlapeng, Blacktrash and many others.

Although designing may look easy to the eye, Lesolle is quick to point out that it is a very challenging craft that requires attention to detail and lots of focus.

He said there are many challenges that he always encounters but because he is always looking at the bigger picture in the quest to grow his business, so takes the challenges in stride.

“This business is not a smooth one because sometimes we meet difficult clients who are never satisfied and as a designer you have to make sure that you leave your customer with a smile all the time,” he said.

He further added that another big challenge he at times faces is lack of enough money to travel to countries he is invited to showcase in.

“Just recently I was invited to showcase in Washington DC but because I could not afford it, I could not go so I had to miss a once in a life time opportunity,” he said.

Lesolle has so far showcased his designs in local fashion shows including the Lansmore wedding expo, SKY girls fashion show and the Kenya arts and fashion festival where he made quite an impression and was able to network with big stars for future shows.

He is confident that his fashion brand has what it take to revolutionising the fashion industry in Botswana.


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