Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another attempt to defraud CMS of P40 million reported

New evidence indicates that the Central Medical Stores (CMS) has been targeted by criminals again.

Information reaching The Sunday Standard suggests that about P40 million was intercepted by the security agents following the theft of P17m at the Central Medical Stores last May.

It is understood that hardly six weeks after the money was released by the Ministry of Health, the same suspects attempted to defraud the CMS of about P40m, which was intercepted by the security agents during their intensive investigations.
It is further understood that, although the alleged masterminds are often seen between Gaborone and Selibe-Phikwe, they are hiding in South Africa where they are reported to have connived with some security agents to make it difficult for the suspects to be nailed.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) says it is still looking for three most-wanted criminals who are the masterminds of the P17m theft.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, the case prosecutor from DPP, Mrs. Merapelo Mokgosi, said a warrant of arrest had been issued for the accused persons.
She said the alleged suspects are: Thabo Lekwwae, Abram Marumo and Reunett Mondira. The suspects, she said, also have pending cases before various magistrates’ courts in the country.

Mokgosi said that the police had been able to identify the suspects’ whereabouts in South Africa and would be making their move soon, adding that they would be seeking their extradition.
Mokgosi added that about P 3m of the P17m had been frozen in some South African commercial banks and would be used as evidence in court.
“It is true that extradition takes time but we will continue with the trial even when they are not around. They still will have their day in court,” said an optimistic Mokgosi.

She said as DPP, they will bring about 32 witnesses to testify before the Gaborone Village magistrate.
About six weeks ago, 11 suspects were arrested and 8 of them were granted bail while 2 were denied. Only one pleaded guilty and he will be a star witness during the trail.


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