Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Another robbery attempt made on a Choppies supermarket

Police say they are concerned about the escalating number of incidents in which explosives are used around the country.

In the latest incident, unknown criminals entered Bobonong Choppies supermarket this week and used mines explosives in an attempt to bust the money safe.

It is reported that the criminals, however, failed to bust open the money safe using the mine explosives and no one has been apprehended in connection with the incident.

It is believed that most of the explosives that are being used by criminals come from local mines.

The station commander of Bobonong police station, Superintendent Patrick Mbikiwa, told The Telegraph on Monday that they were investigating an incident in which explosives were unsuccessfully used to crack open a safe.

“This is a very fresh matter therefore we are still gathering leads that might lead us to the arrest of the culprits who are still at large,” said Mbikiwa, adding that the night watchman was not on duty that night.

In the past Choppies has been hit by spate of armed robberies in which few arrests were made while huge amounts of money were taken.

Mbikiwa appealed to the business community to ensure that they beef up their security at all times.


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