Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AP applauds Kgosi’s arrest

Botswana’s Alliance for Progressives (AP) has welcomed the arrest of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) former Director General, Isaac Kgosi at the airport, upon his arrival from abroad with family on Tuesday night.

“As AP, on many occasions we have always expressed grave concern about the DIS under Kgosi,” AP told media.

“We have always advocated the need to investigate dire allegations of corruption and possible violations of human rights, with a view to possible prosecution in the event of the existence of compelling evidence against Kgosi.”

AP added that even more fundamentally, we have consistently poured scorn over the existence and nourishment of a structure of oppression, a creature of legislation, the DIS, empowered to do as it pleases, without any rigorous oversight mechanism in place.

The party further welcomed the arrest of Kgosi and hope that in the spirit of fairness, the rule of law and pursuit of justice, he will also be granted the opportunity to account and defend himself.

“As a nation, we have a responsibility to consistently send out a message that there will be no place in our society, for those who partake in any form of corruption or activities that undermine the rule of law or mortgage the future of so many citizens. This is a principle that is deserving of universal approval, regardless of our colour of skin, ethnicity, economic standing or political affiliation.”

AP added that the pursuit of justice is not always as simple as it sounds ÔÇô it has hard components to it -one of which is the urge to inflict vengeance on those we may so strongly feel have violated us.

“Our moral obligation and duty is also to work diligently at our nation, such that they should never have to view justice as the same thing as vengeance or vengeance as the same”.


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