Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Apparently Khama has got them by the ……

I’m writing while listening to the music of super rock band AC/DC and, boy, don’t they rock.

Ok, later with rock and roll but have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult for a lot of people to raise a word against Khama? Speculation is rife that most of our politicians are haunted by their fraudulent business deals and this has become a stumbling block to their independence.

If the allegations do hold water, this might then explain why our politicians always appear pressured to bow down to Khama’s every wish and word.
DIS is said to have come in handy for Khama as he is able to know who is doing what with whom. If these espionage allegations are true, it then means DIS does not only know people’s business deals but are also privy to people’s private lives like who is dining with whom and who is sleeping with whom. Now that’s scary because such information can be the deadliest weapon to blackmail any soul. First of all, let’s admit most, if not all, our politicians run private business entities on the side. They also have personal lives outside politics. They also have secrets and there’s nothing as haunting as someone knowing your dark secrets and ready to use them against you.

Some are said to have made it clear that for the sake of their businesses, they would not want to be seen to be against Khama because that might lead to the collapse of their enterprises.

People tend to believe being on the wrong side of Khama is, by extension, being anti government and people fear that should they question Khama’s leadership style their businesses might be sabotaged and starved of government business deals. Even though Khama doesn’t directly award government tenders, business people are said to be afraid of the indirect or direct influence he may wield as the chief over-seer of government business deals. As such, the nation should expect no say on Khama’s leadership from business men and women.

And then we have another group of people who are itching to take on Khama but are haunted by their deeds.

Apparently, Khama has confidential information on a lot of people, especially members of parliament and every time they seem to try and frustrate his leadership ambitions they are reminded of their past. Even though I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this information, the submissiveness displayed by our politicians paves some credence to these allegations. The situation is not helped by lack of explanation from our politicians regarding their dreadfulness towards Khama. Even though Khama is a gym fanatic, he is not known to getting physical with his political opponents and, as such, I cannot fathom why elderly men and women fear to put him on the straight and narrow, not through blows but through word of mouth.
Our politicians are so economical with information yet they are ready to accuse the media of falsifying facts.

The media has a role to inform the nation and where information is not forthcoming, the media is left with no option but to go for allegations.
Going back to allegations of espionage, it would seem the DIS is not all about national security but they have been mandated to dig into improper deals cut by politicians so that the information can be used to keep them quiet. If this turns out to be true then it is sad because using someone’s dark past is the most effective way of silencing them. It would be proper if the information was used to drag them to court to answer for their offences but it is improper if the information is used to force them to tow the line.

Imagine if most of our legislatures have at some point in their lives made fraudulent deals. This would definitely mean the end of our parliament.

We all know how painful it is when someone is in possession of your deepest secrets and every time you try to say something your ghosts are resurrected to scare you. Chances are you will keep quiet and obey every word from the custodian of your secrets.
Just recently, I met someone who told me how surprising it is that elderly men and women are dead silent on Khama’s leadership. They would rather gossip in low tones and would never come out in the open to air their views. Now I think the answer to their silence might be found in these spy allegations.

Khama’s administration found many of our people in precarious positions. It is alleged that if Khama doesn’t want you in government or even at his political party, all he needs is information on what mischief you could have been up to and you are doomed. You are made to resign, or better still, fired from your post. There are these allegations that the reason most people in government have been shown the door and have kept quiet about their dismissal is simply because of the information Khama holds about them.

The onus is now on our politicians to prove to us that they are not bound by the chains of their past and speak out without fear. We all know that their silence does not translate into consent and for as long as they choose to complain in silence, we might as well buy into these allegations that Khama has got them by their deeds. It is quite apparent that only “clean” men and women will have the guts to face Khama. Now the question is how many of those clean men and women do we have in our parliament?

There is another group of people who will never utter a word against Khama just so as to bulge their stomachs. These are men and women who harbour ambitions of being chauffer driven in black German machines bearing the country’s flag. Most of our members of parliament are dying to be cabinet ministers and they tend to think by going against Khama they would be burying their chances of ever making it into cabinet. These are people who will forgo their conscience and principle just so as to please the president.
What I like about Khama, though, is he doesn’t shy away from disappointing the “good boys and girls”. He broke many a bootlickers’ hearts in his allocation of posts after the general elections.

Many who had forced their way into his caravan of friends are now crying in disappointment and despair because they have been left in the lurch. Khama appointed ambassadors, four MPs, cabinet ministers and, lately, councilors were co-opted leaving out many people who had hoped for some reward in lieu of the gallant fight they put up for Khama in the run up to elections.

Some have gone on to pour out their frustrations and disappointments in public. They fought for Khama not because they believed in his leadership but were yearning for personal enrichment in the end. It is hard to feel sorry for such people.

Instead, I salute Khama for breaking their hearts because next time they will know it is important to follow and believe in your heart and not your stomach.

In fact, I would love to take my hat off to the three BDP central committee members who recently resigned from their positions. I’m still to know their reasons for quitting the committee but if at all they did it out of principle they are worth the pat.

If, indeed, some central committee members were party to what led to Motswaledi’s troubles, it is only logical and appropriate that they resign to show solidarity to one of their own. Besides showing solidarity towards Motswaledi, their presence in that committee has been non existent.

If allegations that Khama runs the central committee unilaterally then resigning from the central committee is plausible and justifiable. You cannot hire people into positions of management and sideline them when management decisions are made.

At the end of it all, it appears Khama has got something that makes it difficult for politicians to engage and question his leadership style. It must be painful to be a politician in the era of Khama. He’s got everything at his disposal to silence his critics and that must be really painful to politicians whose dark secrets are known to Khama.

AC/DC lead singer, Angus Young, shouts from my speakers “…got you by the balls”. Ouch!


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