Sunday, December 10, 2023

Are knives out for Letshwiti?

The non-football activities at Botswana Football Association (BFA) have not spared the troubled association from attracting attention, negative attention at that. With the BFA National Executive committee (BFA NEC) now allegedly divided, a plot is said to be in motion to topple the association president Maclean Letshwiti.

It is alleged that some members want the BFA president recalled as they believe ‘he is no longer in touch with what is on the ground. Fed up with no competitions, members are said to be ‘exploring to outcast the BFA leadership because they believe nothing is working.’

“Some of us are sidelined and some of the decisions we only learn them in the media or on the corridors. Lobbying has already started and we will be working towards taking the BFA leader out. The NEC has powers to do that and it is the shortest route to take him out,” said the source.

According to the source, the disgruntled BFA NEC members in their last meeting refused to adopt the new BFA constitution, the also refused to adopt the BFA strategy and questioned the hiring of the PR Company when there are no activities taking place. The PR company is said to be paid in the region of P75 000 monthly.

“The plan towards taking out the BFA leader is at an advanced stage,” said the source. Asked whether a motion of no confidence is in the offing, the source briefly said “the modalities will come at the right time and football people we will be informed. We account to the Regional football Associations (RFAs) and they ask us questions on what are we doing to start activities and we don’t have answers for them yet we are leaders who are supposed to have answers in our finger tips,” the source explained.

BFA NEC is composed of thirteen (13) members being the president, two vice presidents, three ordinary members, one member from each of the four zones, at least one female additional member, one from elite premier league and one from first division.

The sources within the NEC say they are also bothered by numerous international trips the BFA president is undertaking when they have crisis at home. “People want football and we have to account to the nation as opposed to going to foreign nations,” the source said.

It is alleged some of the leaders have already approached the minister of Sport, Tumiso Rakgare because they believe Covid-19 is just an excuse that the BFA is using as its ace card to justify failure to return to play.

It is further alleged that the five clubs that failed club licensing were victims of a witch hunt because the BFA was advised to revise its club licensing requirements which they have not done and the committee’s competence is yet to be known. It was advised that the composition of the committee must comprise of people of different professional fields.

The lobby has already started to return all the five clubs that failed club licensing with immediate effect. The other thing that worries some NEC leaders is that the BFA NEC is still interfering in the affairs of the newly formed Botswana Football League.

On the BFL, it is alleged that some of the leaders with BFA have been told that the elite league is scheduled to start on the 25th September 2021 but the fixtures are yet to be released. Also they want the BFL to be more accountable to BFL shareholders and inform them of how they are going to start the leagues.

They want the BFL to inform shareholders on whether they have secured sponsors and for how much and whether all the 16 teams in the elite league have been registered on the CIPA website as shareholders.

Members say the BFL leadership is not coming forth in informing the other members on its operations and planned undertakings.


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