Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Are you fathering your biological children?

Do men ever stop to think that those five children in their homes that they brag a lot about might be from the man-next-door, from their best friend or are children from someone they don’t even know?

The Telegraph took the issue onto the streets to hear what men think about the issue. But what emerged is that there are a lot of men who get to keep children that are not theirs. A sizeable number of men is looking after other men’s children.

From the interviews it emerged that there are girls who choose between her two boyfriends when eloping or when deciding who to blame for their pregnancies.

She will be sure that James is the real father but because James is not competent enough to look after her and her child, she opts for John. In short, John will be offering a safe and sound marriage. So James child is born and bred by John and because John is blinded with love, he will see some resemblance to him in the child.

Your wife, your girlfriend at that time, and you knew that she was a player and cited that she was pregnant with your child. I think men should have every reason to be concerned and need to take a DNA test!

Then this 56-year-old men who preferred anonymity revealed that women can be tricky and dangerous when it comes to issues pertaining to marriage. Usually they love their women so much that when a child is born in that marriage, they will not want to try and find out whether the child is theirs or not, especially if it is the first born. They are in denial.

This is the time when you will be madly in love and the love will be too hot to suspect that one is cheating or is being cheated upon. Most of the girls give the wrong man their pregnancies.
Bokani Ntate, a victim caring for another man’s child, said when he got married he was not aware that he was sterile and, unfortunately, the wife got to know it first. Little did he know that the wife had hopped into bed with the man next door and came out with a child.

As one person who had developed much trust in his wife, he never suspected such wickedness from her and he took care of the child for twenty seven years, only to learn the truth during the reading of a will after the real biological father had died.

I also learned that there are children who are victims. One girl told The Telegraph that, “I think most of those men who end up looking after kids that are not theirs are the ones to blame. For example, I am a result of such a marriage union/contract.”

She revealed that, “I grew up thinking that the man in our home was my dad yet it was my ‘father’s best friend. My mother had to cheat on her husband to save her marriage.”

According to the girl, she learnt about this when she was 15 and she hated her mother for betraying the innocent man but later understood it wasn’t her fault but her husband pushed her into it. He wanted kids and the man friend came to his rescue. She revealed that their biological father was there for them from pregnancy to high school till his time of death. Shockingly, the mother is still with her husband and he still keeps the secret.

Then there are scenarios, as well, when even the woman doesn’t know who the father of the child is. One guy told the Telegraph his disheartening encounter when his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. He was over the moon.

“I did everything for her; paid maternity fees at Gaborone Private Hospital, scan fees, preparation for the baby, only to see my woman giving birth to an Indian baby. What put me off was the fact that she professed ignorance as to how such a “miracle” could happen to her.”
Luckily for the guy, the child was Indian otherwise if it had been born black, like him, he was going to play father to another men’s child.


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