Friday, June 21, 2024

As we go into the new year let us think of God’s will

The Holy Bible was written when almost all work revolved around farming. Stories about Peter the Fisherman, priests being shepherds, the wine and bread and the big drought that caused famine are testimony to that.

The verse which says: Reap what you sow and others that mention production of food, sustenance and living off nature to feed the hungry and the poor shows how agriculture is important in our lives. Farmers throughout the world are also often called upon to go down on their knees and pray for rain.

Farmers can go to great lengths and leave expensive seed covered underground because they have faith that a crop will come out. This shows that farming is the closest thing to God!

We can adapt and improve on ways in which we farm, however, science and man-made things can only go so far to manipulate nature. We cannot farm as we wish either and in disregard to nature. We have to work the land according to the will of God and how He has planned the order of things.

Science and technology too must be applied in harmony with nature. Many farmers throughout the world have left their old disruptive ways and switched to more environmentally friendly ways. Boers too are excellent farmers but have finally come to realise that it is against God’s will to violate and exploit workers. This has enabled many to reap much more from the sweat of the palm of their hands and yet with less pain. Other sectors have also benefitted the world because of efficient production of food and raw material in environmentally friendly ways. All because of working in the best ways and that are in line with God’s will.

 As we prepare for the next year, we must strive to do everything properly, in the best ways possible and to the best of our abilities. We must not do things in haste simply because it may seem to be the best thing to do at the time, that it has been done before and that everyone would be doing it. We must not be bent on doing things our way, irrespective of instructions from our superiors nor that we may be desperate into get things done quickly just to get immediate gratification. Otherwise we will fail

Before we embark on any major task that promises rewards, we must be steadfast to resist temptation and greed. We must first think of the disturbance it may cause to the immediate environment and communities, the impact it may have in the world, peace and well being of people and if it is lawful. We must be able to asses if something is good for us in the long run and will not harm us, anybody and other good things! We must not be tempted to let our self-will run riot and take the easy way out for immediate gratification. Most importantly, we must stop for a while to think if it is in line with God’s Will before we act.

Before we undertake to do anything of significance, we must stop for a minute in meditation and prayer. We must always seek guidance from the Lord to enable us to carry out His Will in the way that best suits Him. We must ask only for His will and strength in everything we do and to the best of our abilities. Lets us set our eyes straight ahead and walk the straight and narrow path. We must not be tempted to look by the side least we get derailed. Now that is a good new year’s resolution for starters ÔÇô doing only that is right!


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