Monday, April 12, 2021

Asian CV frauds invade Botswana

Indian expatriates, with bogus degree certificates, are attending to patients at government hospitals and teaching students at the University of Botswana (UB) – an aggrieved Indian insider in the organized racket has revealed.

In a confidential letter to the UB Vice Chancellor, Bojosi Otlhogile, the Indian whistle blower lists names and residential addresses of Indian expatriates working at UB and Princess Marina Hospital using “dressed up” CVs and bogus degree certificates. He further details how Indians involved in the racket are helping other under-qualified Indians find jobs in Botswana.

He pointed the UB command to the Registrar, of the University of Chennai, in Chennai India, to cross check his fraud claims.

Sunday Standard investigations have turned up information that Chennai has been hit by serious CV fraud and, two years ago, the university had to cancel admissions of some students found to have submitted forged documents.

“I wonder if the university authorities are aware of these fraud certificates which are freely available in India. Do they verify the authenticity of these fraud certificates,” asks the confidential letter.

The Indian whistle blower decided to spill the beans because his application for a teaching position at the university was turned down and the job given to an Indian friend, who presented a bogus degree certificate.

In the confidential letter, he states: “One thing is certain, University of Botswana is nurturing a lot of this fraud and one can get a job with a bogus post graduate degree or even manage to obtain an MBA with secondary school leaving certificate. It is a shame to allow this trend to continue. And for myself I would not have written this letter, had I been given the job, and I would have roped in some more of under qualified unemployed friends for a fat salary!!”

The whistle blower further exposed one of his colleagues from India, working at UB with a fake degree and revealed how the colleague offered to organize a bogus post graduate degree for him so that he can get a job with the university. He also exposed a friend working at the Princess Marina Hospital with a padded CV and fake university degree. He further revealed how the friend managed to enroll for an MBA degree at the University of Botswana using the bogus CV and degree certificates.

University of Botswana Public Relations Officer, Samuel Moribame, told the Sunday Standard that “I personally am not aware of the letter, but that does not mean it does not exist. If indeed there is a situation like that, the University of Botswana will not hesitate to investigate; however, you must appreciate that such investigations would normally take a long time as we would have to liaise with foreign universities.”


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