Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Avis Botswana changes gear to long term projects

Avis Botswana shifted tactics Thursday for the residents of Loologane, Boatlaname, Sojwe, Shadishadi and Lephephe, opting this time around for long-term self-sustainable projects for the villages in Kweneng East constituency.

LOBOSOSHANE is the acronym of the surrounding five villages, which came together in recent years to create LOBOSOSHANE Day Care Centre in Sojwe Village for the orphaned and disadvantaged kids, and the car rental company to come to their rescue.

Apart from providing social necessities, such as clothes and blankets, Avis Botswana offers annual Christmas parties for the children.

In addition to providing these traditional donations, the management this week changed gear, offering baking ovens and hosting Agriculture department personnel to enlighten LOBOSOSHANE committee and employees with crucial techniques about crop production initiatives for long term sustenance.

“At Avis, we are committed to the centre of the children’s needs with the company today geared at promoting sustainability of growth to the children,” said Avis General Manager, Julian Hill, in Sojwe at the handover of ovens and unveiling of Agricultural personnel.

The officers will be responsible for investigating the nature of soil in the area and other related agricultural methods to provide informed technical decisions.

Besides providing the LOBOSOSHANE kids with nutrition, excess vegetables to be planted at an already available swathe of land in Sojwe will be sold to the community to inject money into the project coffers.

The same system is expected to be applied to the baking confectionery that will feed the children and eventually the whole community as the bakery becomes fully operational.

“I therefore encourage Kgosi and the general membership to monitor these projects, which, if properly managed, could bring quality of life not only to the targeted children but the whole community,” Hill underlined.

The brainchild of Daisy Botsoba, LOBOSOSHANE Day Care Centre provides early pre-school learning for the kids, but transportation the main hindrance.

Besides calling for new school infrastructure, Kgosi Ditsebe Kelatlhegile of Sojwe Village appealed for a good Samaritan to assist them with a vehicle to ferry the kids, whose academic performance is affected as they cannot regularly attend school from neighbouring villages.

Accommodated at the Village Development Committee premises, LOBOSOSHANE management is eager to transfer the school to the already available location in the village should a sponsor be available.
As is customary, Avis Botswana did not disappoint, pampering the loved kids with winter blankets to fight off the winter blues.


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