Thursday, May 19, 2022

Avoid soft loans, they are not soft

April 11 2010: There is a saying in the Bible that goes “blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh”.

This is not always the case in our locations, which are usually called the slums, ko kasi or the ghetto. While guys ko kasi come to the aid of others out of goodwill, many others do so with malicious intent. I have come to learn that one should not eagerly lean on every shoulder that they are offered.

Sometimes borrowing things from some people is just giving them armaments for your demolition. So it works out that we must all work hard and avoid borrowing and acquiring ill wealth. It is wise to lead a humble and respectable lifestyle than to borrow from people who end up desecrating your character.

It is funny how we always borrow money from colleagues privately, and then somehow the cat gets let out of the bag in the end. Just wait until you are unable to service the debt, then you will realize that your friend has actually told anyone who cared to listen about you two’s little secret.
Some lenders actually turn violent and noisy when they come to demand their money. The gracious demeanor that they displayed when they lent you the money is suddenly replaced by a brash and disrespectful attitude.

Granted, we live in harsh economic times that require strength of character and resilience against the temptation to borrow. Borrowing only brings temporary relief, reminiscent of the biblical account of Jacob and Esau, in which the elder brother, Esau, lost his birthright to his younger sibling just because he succumbed to hunger.

Many people that we live with actually rejoice and thrive on others misery and failure. Beware, not everyone who smiles at you loves you.

As I write some neighbors are not in good books because one of them took the others’ home theatre set, to repay an overdue debt. The other has called debt collectors on his onetime bosom friend.
The issue of lending and borrowing is so serious that some people end up at each other’s throats over insignificant debts, especially soft loans that cease to be soft the minute the lender starts demanding repayment.

Therefore be careful who you borrow from. Your enemies can lend you money so that they can get a chance to get at you when you fail to pay back.

Some lenders demand goods valued at three times the value of borrowed money as payment. Soft loans are not soft, just wait until you have to pay back.


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