Sunday, May 19, 2024

B-Block, the emerging hip hop star

Francistown hip hop artist, Baboloki Dambe a.k.a, B-Block is slowly curving himself a name in the local hip hop scene.┬á The lad who also doubles as a music producer has released a hip hop single “Patiently waiting,” which is receiving massive radio airplay from local radio stations.?In an interview with The Telegraph last week, Dambe who is commonly known as “B-Block” to his legion of fans said that he recently released the debut single album from his 14 track full album which will be released before the end of the year.?“This single was named “Patiently waiting,” because I have realized that in life we have got to be patient in everything that we do. Hip Hop is my life.┬á I loved hip hop at a very tender age and I had to be patient in order to be where I am today. I merely started as a Hip hop fan and now I am a rapper and producer,” he said.?

Touching on his career journey as a music artist, B-Block said that his love for Hip hop began at a tender age when he was doing standard five at Mahube Primary School in Francistown. He said that his elder brothers and their friends were his main influence in this kind of music.?“My older brothers and their friends would play hard core hip hop music of famous international artists particularly Wu-Tang Clan, Jeru tha Damaja, Naughty by Nature, 2 Pac and┬á and the likes of Snoop Doggy Dogg.┬á At times my older brothers would freestyle and rap over hip hop beats.

They would compete or battle through lyrics to outshine each other. This is where I developed my love for Hip Hop,” he said.?He said that from there on wards, he would write lyrics in his note pad; practice them and at times freestyle with friends at school. ?“I took part in a number of hip hop battles when I was doing my Junior Secondary Education at Donga CJSS and at Francistown Senior Secondary School where I did my Senior Secondary Certificate.?He however said that although he was influenced by his brothers through hard core hip hop, he now prefers commercial hip hop which is mainly for entertainment. He is influenced by artists such as Ludacris, TI and DJ Khalid. ?“I no longer listen much to hard core Hip Hop like I used to do. My music is influenced by commercial Hip Hop which is light as compared to hardcore Hip Hop. Locally I am inspired by artists such as Zeus, Maff Business and Konkrete,” he added.??He produces his own music at his Recording Studio called, F-town we Go Hard. In terms of music production he said that he is inspired by big international Hip Hop producers such as Dr Dre, Scott Storch and Timbaland.?

Although he was cagey about his upcoming full album which is due to be out before the end of the year, B-Block said that the album is going to be a stunner to Hip Hop lovers. He said that the album features some of the local Hip Hop heavy weights such as Zeus, Samba T, Mike Check from Canada and Arcadia, a Motswana who is also based in Canada.?“I cannot reveal much about the upcoming album now, because I want to keep it as a surprise. I believe Hip Hop fans will love it,” he said.


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