Monday, May 27, 2024

Babitseng targeted as ghosts of the past are reawakened


Botswana Football Association (BFA) and Lobatse Extension Gunners chairperson Tariq Babitseng are headed for collision over a long unresolved 2014 money issue.

This follows a letter of demand from the BFA calling on the former BFA Executive committee to retire some of the ‘imprest’ he was given years ago while on national duties.

According to a letter from the BFA Chief Executive Officer, Mfolo Mfolo, Babitseng owes the association monies amounting to $ 7 257.93 (P72362.21) which the BFA seem to have erroneously recorded as imprest.

Responding to the letter, Babitseng expressed surprise and shock that the BFA CEO, who is the custodian of the BFA records, had penned him such a letter.

“I have read the contents of the letter which are surprising to say the least considering that you are the custodian of all the Associations records. I presume that your letter refers to the contingency provide for the trip and not imprest as you state, since there was no imprest given for the trip,” Babitseng hit back.

In the letter, Babitseng informed the BFA that the monies they want him to pay back has been paid back in November 2014.

“I traveled to Guinea Bissau as Head of delegation and upon my return and after due process was carried out by the Association structures, I was advised to surrender the sum of $450.72 which was the then sum of P4 239.60.  I then paid the said sum and was duly provided with a receipt being number 11043 dated the 5th November 2014,” Babitseng wrote in his letter to the BFA.

He reasoned that the matter was administratively concluded in that manner and accordingly closed.

Babitseng then took the opportunity to hit back at Mfolo, advising him that they both ‘have to work on matters that require them to diligently deliver on the needs of the association.’

Meanwhile, sources said the resuscitation of this long standing matter will show whether the BFA is sincere or they are scoring political points to prolong their stay in office.

Already, there is a belief that the current regime wants to eliminate those associated with the former BFA president, Tebogo Sebego from contesting  the 2020 national Executive Committee elections.

Sebego and Babitseng are both seen as strong contenders to topple the current regime in the coming elections.

With the battle lines now seemingly set, it will be seen which step the BFA is going to take against Tariq going forward and whether the issue will be abandoned or it will drag on.


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