Sunday, February 28, 2021

Baby dumping condemned

The Chairperson of the Botswana Media Association, Keabonye Ntsabane, has condemned women who are involved in baby dumping, saying it is bringing severe shame to the female gender.

“It is sad that there are reports almost on a daily basis of women dumping babies in the streets,” she said in an interview with The Telegraph. “We cannot cover up for women who dump their children and say they are vulnerable, that is mere irresponsibility.”

Ntsabane said there is no excuse to say women are susceptible when they dump children, adding that “babies do not deserve that as they are a gift from God”.

She added that there is no better way to explain this, insisting that it is simply murder and the women involved should be jailed for that.

Ntsabane urged women to make use of the government facilities that have been put in place to cater for those children.

“Instead of throwing babies at dumping sites and in tanks, why not take the baby to the clinic or children’s home?”

To avoid such predicaments, Ntsabane said women should make use of the contraceptive measures that have been put in place to avoid cases of baby dumping.

“Women should make sure that they have some form of protection every time they have sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies,” she advised, adding that there has been assumptions that women who are dumping babies are those whose boyfriends refuse to take full responsibility whilst in some instances it’s stress or poverty.

Ntsabane added that some women who do such inhumane acts want to go back and have fun running around with men.

“Despite all these factors,” she said, “there is no good excuse why women should get involved in murderous acts of baby dumping.”

She condemned this act by women saying, “I doubt if they feel the pain when delivering the child.”
Ntsabane said she cannot afford to forgive baby dumpers.

“Our mothers struggled to bring us up; they did not dump us so why are women today dumping babies?”

She added that it is time women struggled with their own babies and not throw them away.
“As a woman, I will not throw my baby in the tank or dumping site and every woman should have the same spirit,” she said.


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