Monday, August 8, 2022

BAC strives to further enrich young minds

In what turned out to be a life changing moment for young people entering tertiary education for the first time, BAC put up a display of confidence building platforms for the new undergraduates.

The event was a business like affair with presentations from industry practitioners who availed themselves as role models.

In the questionÔÇôanswer sessions that followed, the conversation was elevated to greater heights.
It was, in essence, an innovative approach to the student ‘induction’ which was held by BAC early this week for first year undergraduate students pursuing BA (Hon) Accounting & Finance, BA (Hon) Business Enterprise and BA(Hon) Travel & Tourism Management. The three degrees are delivered jointly and in partnership with the University of Derby in the U.K.

At the orientation, the Executive Director of BAC, Michael Lesolle, emphasised that the BAC offerings cover a much wider suite of academic programmes beyond the professional accountancy qualifications.

“In fact, the college has positioned itself strategically as a ‘Business School,’ where it also offers MSc and MBA programmes. The latest development is in the delivery of Leadership type short programmes designed for executives and managers in industry,” he said.

He also assured first year students that they had made the ‘right’ decision to come into BAC, and that all other undergraduate programmes offered at the college, in computing and business disciplines, are not only relevant for the needs of the Botswana economy, they are quality programmes which provide a launching pad for young learners to map their career paths meaningfully and are a springboard to a bright future.

They are indeed consistent with the national skills development and capacity building strategy.
“There is a condition to success,” he warned. “It can only be attained through hard work and focus. It is a reasonable expectation by all key stakeholders who have invested in your education that all of you will do just that. You will be guided by your tutors to have ethical behaviour embedded in your everyday lives, professional conduct and the ‘right attitude. Only then will you stand out sufficiently to invoke an interest from future potential employers. Importantly, you have to make the most of a fun-filled yet business-like learning environment.”

The college has positioned itself as a “Business School”, where it also offers MSc and MBA programmes.

The theme of the induction was “I Stand Out.” This was an incredibly apt theme as BAC has deepened its ‘footprint’ in the tertiary education space and has made a significant difference in the minds of the nation’s business student. The college continues to produce renowned entrepreneurs and future CEOs across the world.

During his key note address, Thapelo Letsholo, Managing Director of Redpepper Botswana pointed out that the ongoing growth and development of the Botswana economy demands well-trained professionals. He also stressed that the core foundation of a healthy economy, that is, the task of training the professionals of tomorrow, is an important one.

He lamented that “our economy, businesses and industry are burdened with the continued deployment of old ideas and models which are obsolete causing a systemic dysfunction all round. He also stated that in the current 21st century fast paced global business environment, it requires young people to inject new modern day ideas which will rid our economy of the burden.

“The first time I visited BAC, I noticed an exciting culture, one that is keen on innovation and excellence by some of the smartest minds in the world – I am aware that BAC students are benchmarked against global standards, and compete in the global space global space,” said Letsholo.

“Botswana needs a fresh generation of business leaders for the future for it falls to them to guide and inspire the country to emphatic success. This role, therefore, is one that BAC is uniquely positioned to undertake,” he added.


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