Sunday, May 26, 2024


A delegation from the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC), was at hand to broker peace as the Botswana Badminton Association (BBA)’s entire executive committee went on a retreat to Selibe Phikwe last weekend. The retreat was called to iron up differences within the BBA Executive Committee that had seen the association’s activities suffer since the beginning of the year.

The BNSC delegation that went along with the BBA leadership to broker peace within the troubled association is said to have included among others, Steve Botlhasitse, Mission Mereyothe and Elsie Kenosi.  The delegation was also tasked with helping the BBA come up with ideas on how to restore the association, which is suspended from the BNSC as a result of turmoils that have been surrounding the association.

According to sources, at the retreat, every member of the committee was given a chance to express their grievances and opinions as to what could have hindered them from exercising their day to day duties of the association. It is alleged that most of them pointed an accusing finger at the BBA President Godfrey Mathumo, accusing him of incompetence and failure to take charge of his office.

“BNSC demanded few things from the BBA for them to fund the association once again with the issue of constitution amendment being top of their list. They advised that the BBA align their constitution with the Commission’s constitution,” said the source close to Sunday standard sports.

Meanwhile, the BBA and its general membership are said to have engaged a consultant to review their constitution but the chaos within the association put paid the consultant’s final report submission. 

“The consultant has long finished his review and he was just waiting to present the draft to us and unfortunately BNSC intervened because what the general members wanted was to call the emergency elective annual general meeting (AGM) to appoint the new committee that will revive the sport in the country as they have already missed lots of events in their calendar,” the source revealed. 

Reports suggest that the Phikwe retreat was a success as ‘everybody ended up accepting and appreciating their mistakes and mapped the way forward.’

“Everyone seemed to be happy after they got to hear everybody’s side of story and they got to appreciate each other’s vision. They are now willing to work together again on a new page” added the source.

In the aftermath of the retreat, the executive committee was assigned to review their constitution together with their general members and also to implement new targets and vision that will carry the association towards 2018.They were further advised to revisit their calendar of events and pick the important tournaments that are left which they want to attend or part take on them so that they get financial assistance from the BNSC. 

Reached for comment, the BNSC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Falcon Sedimo, said he is yet to receive a full report from the association on how the meeting turned out. 


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