Saturday, December 3, 2022

Bakgatla accuse government of politicising their chieftainship

Bakgatla have vowed to support Deputy Chief, Bana Sekai, despite a decision by government not to renew his contract, saying that even if government does not to renew his contract Sekai will still remain their chief.

At a Kgotla meeting on Saturday, the tribe unanimously endorsed Sekai to continue as Deputy Chief until Kgosikgolo Kgafela returns.

Government has written a letter to Sekai advising him that his contract will not be renewed when it expires this month.

The tribe, however, agreed that the deputy chief should continue with his mandate. When commenting, Tuti Ntshole argued that Bakgatla should support their chieftainship and stop listening to politicians.

Ntshole castigated the government and politicians for dividing the tribe.

He said that there is an intention by government to distract and bring down the Bakgatla chieftainship.  

He warned that politicians should stop their dirty tricks which are meant to bring infighting among the tribe.

He assured Sekai that despite the government intentions to stop the contract he was still going to serve as a chief as he was appointed by Kgosi Kgafela II.  He advised him to inform Kgafela II about the latest move because he was the only one who can take a decision on the appointment of his current post.  

Kgosi Kgafela’s sister, Seingwaeng, also urged her uncles to desist from attacking each other in public on the issue of chieftainship.

Seingwaeng made the plea during a packed kgotla meeting in Mochudi over the weekend. Her comments come after some elders in the Kgatleng District and the royals publicly attacked each other during a kgotla meeting.

Seingwaeng urged royal uncles to discuss matters that concern the tribe in camera, requesting that when they address kgotla meetings they should be united.

 At the meeting, Ramono Linchwe, who has relocated with Kgafela to South Africa, revealed that their Kgosi would only return to Botswana, after the current government is no longer in power.
Bakgatla tribesman also called on politicians to stop politicising and undermining their chieftainship.

However, Tlamelo Mogosi stated that they have long known that the government was not going to renew the contract. Mogosi accused the government of using the money to divide Bogosi. He said that Sekai will remain the chief since he was appointed by Kgafela.

He said that it was not surprising that the government was going to ditch Sekai because he has been supporting Kgafela and added that Sekai will still remain the chief until Kgafela appoints someone to replace him.

Meanwhile, the Department of Tribal Administration, under the Ministry of Local Government, has assigned the Customary Court of Appeal to appoint presiding officers who will fast track the backlog of cases.

This comes soon after Kgosi Mothibe Lenchwe, who started his duty on the first of this month, was appointed the president of the Customary Court of Appeal.

The backlog came after two most senior presiding officers, the Deputy Paramount Chief and the Senior Chief, Segale Lenchwe, were suspended from office over the destruction of the Mascom tower as well as illegal floggings in Mochudi.

So far, over ninety cases have been registered before the Mochudi Customary Court and two the two available presiding officers are reportedly overwhelmed by the cases.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Acting Director of the Department of Tribal Administration, Tumelo Seboko, said: “My department has been worried about the backlog of cases in Mochudi which have now turned into crisis.”

He revealed that the Customary Court of Appeal will be assigned to appoint presiding officers of their choice who will then work on the backlog of cases.

“I cannot be exact on when the Customary Court of Appeal will start to appoint the presiding officers but I am hopeful that it will be very soon as the department wants cases to be disposed of,” he said.

Mochudi Police Station Commander, Superintendent Simon Sitale, said: “So far, over 90 cases have been registered before the Mochudi Customary Court but are still pending due to man power shortage.”
He added that about two headmen are currently presiding and it is a very slow process.


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