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Bakgatla determined to change the music industry

Afro hip pop artist, Bakgatla Clayton, is more than convinced that his next album which will be released soon will not only have a positive impact on the listeners, but will also help improve and better their lives. In an interview, Clayton who has been working on his second album revealed that he has been working tirelessly on the album and he feels 2015 is the right time to give it to the people.

“Not only is this year a year of greatness, it is also a good year for the music industry and I have decided to release my album this year so as to share ideas, emotions and sentiments with people. Music is a powerful teaching tool that has the power to heal, motivate and encourage,” he said.

Clayton has thus far made a huge impact with his first album in the music industry not only locally but also in neighboring countries, especially South Africa. He has managed to make a name for himself with his hit song that is by far still the people’s favourite called Kgabo Mokgatla that was released in 2011. This will be his second album and it promises to be better than the last.

Clayton further mentioned that the songs in the album will not only have the power to calm people down but will also energise them when needed. “There are songs like Meno masweu, Botho and Motsumi that I specifically wrote for my fans as a form of motivation. In these songs, I am trying to convey a casual sense of affirmation on the character of being positive, with no possibility of doubt,” he said.

He added that being in the music industry for this long has taught him to always be humble and only give the people great listening pleasure. That is why it took him two years to work on this album. “Creativity is never rushed and since I wanted this album to be one of the best and hopefully one that will still be celebrated even in years to come, I decided to give it all the time it deserves. I want my music to raise goose bumps on people and give them hope again,” he said.

When explaining his song’s meanings, he described Meno masweu as a song that talks about betrayal. He said the song is based mainly on his personal experience. “In the song I mention how manipulative the music industry is. Motsumi is about a bounty hunter on a mission to reclaim everything he has lost. I am confident that my fans will relate with these songs as they carry a very deep message,” he said.

On the album Clayton mentioned that he has worked with Tshepo Lesole, Tebogo Mathiba, Kayzee and the award winning producer Suffocate. “Recording this album has been a total bliss and I can confidently say I have grown as an artiste, the content is more mature and I am excited about it,” he said.

Clayton emphasised that the album is also an apology to his fans for talking long to give them new music. “It has been a rough time for me with the passing away of my father, so my focus was misplaced and had it not been for the support I received from family and friends, I wouldn’t have made it this far,” he said.


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