Friday, June 21, 2024

Bakgatla meeting abandoned amid chaos

The Bakgatla Ba-ga Kgafela in Moruleng, South Africa failed to hold the tribe Annual General Meeting (AGM) as it was disrupted by followers of the feuding factions between Kgosi Kgafela II and Kgosi Nyalala Pilane of Moruleng.

The AGM was scheduled for last Saturday in Moruleng stadium.

The Royal Council together with Kgosi Pilane were expected to give the Morafe feedback on developments.

The meeting was cancelled after misunderstandings between the two factions led to the booing of the first speaker, the representative of Royal Council, Mmadikemo Pilane-Matlou.

Kgosi Kgafela’s supporters expressed unhappiness for not being included in the proceedings of the day and also for not being given a chance to address Morafe during the AGM. His arrival into the stadium took place a few minutes after the programme started.

He was surrounded by close to 15 well armed bodyguards in a convoy of cars. Kgafela was recognized by his traditional attire and royal leopard skin and walking stick surrounded by his Mophato.

Another supporter from Kgafela’s faction pointed out that Kgosi Nyalala Pilane’s Royal Council has been misusing community funds and royalties and not developing the villages.

“The reason why Kgafela is not being given a platform to speak is that he calls a spade a spade and he is likely to reveal shady actions of the royal administration. He is a threat to them as a lot of things have not been done in the right way,” said the concerned Moruleng resident.

The South African police immediately appeared in and around the stadium well armed in their vehicles to maintain order and peace. The villagers’ crowd got out of control and moved from their seats and got inside the ‘VIP setup’ fighting for microphones to express their feelings.

“The South African government laws do not allows us to continue with the meeting in a situation like this therefore the meeting is cancelled for the sake of peace as people cannot be called to order,” said Kobedi Pilane.

Some members of the royal family alleged that Kgafela is dividing the tribe and questioned why he does not stay in Mochudi where he was inaugurated as the Paramount Chief.

“They must go back to Mochudi as we are not one tribe; Kgafela is not a Chief as the government of Botswana also does not recognize him and he has been served with warrants of arrest. He comes here in Moruleng for financial assistance,” said Mmadikemo Pilane-Matlou.

“We no longer are a united tribe as they went to Botswana for many years.”

The meeting was meant to provide updates on Bogosi royal issues as well as details about the new focused transformation journey that the admin is about to embark on. It was also meant to include stakeholder engagement and community feedback and initiatives relevant to Morafe through a master plan.

Contacted for comment, Bakgatla senior royal member Kgosi Bana Sekai reserved his comments on the incident that took place in Moruleng stadium. He did not say the position of the Bakgatla in Botswana regarding the matter.

“At this point in time I cannot talk or share with you anything regarding the matter,” said Sekai.


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