Monday, February 26, 2024

Balopi endorses Ngwakwena for BDP Secretary General

Former Senior Minister and Speaker of Parliament, Patrick Balopi has endorsed Olebeng Ngwakwena for the position of Botswana Democratic Party Secretary General.

Ngwakwena is contesting against Botsalo Ntuane and Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri.

The endorsement from Balopi will come as a boon for Ngwakwena who is looked at as a dark horse. Ngwakwena is adamant that he stands a chance and that his campaign focuses mainly on the party members instead of using the media.

In his endorsement of Ngwakwena, the veteran BDP member emphasizes the importance of BDP emerging more coherent after the July Congress.

Among other things he stresses loyalty and service to the party.

“I have studied your profile and most importantly I have also noted with admiration your undivided commitment and loyalty to the BDP.┬á I have to this day not come to know of any possible aspirant besides you and for these reasons I would not hesitate to as I do so now pledge my support for you,” said Balopi in a letter to Ngwakwena.

Balopi who also serves as a Member of the BDP Council of Elders goes on to remind Ngwakwena of the tumultuous times that the BDP recently went through. He said the BDP has in the last few years come under “unfortunate bashing” which adds resulted in a split.

He ends by saying that he wishes the BDP would emerge from the July Congress “a much stronger and coherent organization that it used to be.”

Balopi has previously served as Member of Parliament for Francistown. He has also served as the party’s Executive Secretary.

Under different portfolios and capacities, Balopi is one of the few remaining BDP senior members to have served under all of Botswana’s four Presidents.


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