Friday, March 1, 2024

Banc ABC rescues Swaki family in Tonota

Eighteen members of the Swaki family in Tonota village who shared a dilapidated one roomed house for years, breathed a sigh of relief last week as Banc ABC came to their rescue by donating to them a four-roomed house worth P130 000.?The donation is part of Banc ABC’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.?Handing over the house, the Managing Director of Banc ABC, Jitto Kurian, said that Banc ABC has its roots planted in the African soil, hence their need to constantly strive to play their part in contributing to the economic and social development of communities in Botswana.?“As a Pan African Bank whose roots are planted firmly on the African soil, we understand the importance of the old African principle of giving back to the communities we interact with, and the importance of supporting one another through hard times,” he said.?Giving a brief background of the project, Kurian said that in early 2013 during their interaction with the Member of Parliament for Tonota South, Pono Moatlhodi, they were presented with the Swaki Family and the housing adversity they were in.?“After putting our heads together at Banc ABC we agreed unanimously to assist the Swaki family; a decision that we have not regretted since. Together with the Tonota South Parliamentary office and the area social workers, we worked hand in hand to assist the family,” he added.?He further said that Banc ABC aims to enhance the livelihoods of Batswana where it can and it strives to have a positive and sustainable impact on the economic and social development of Botswana.

Kurian said that through their guiding principles in the areas of Women and Children, Arts and Culture, Education and Health and Disability, they continue to play their part in making Botswana a better society for everyone regardless of background and social standing.?“A donation of this nature therefore brings us closer to our goal of positively impacting on the social development of Botswana. Our rationale is that if the Swaki family have a roof over their head, they will more likely to be motivated to be active members of the society and contribute in one way or another to the economy of Botswana,” he said.?Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Gotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri, who was the guest speaker, showered accolades on Banc ABC for its charity gesture.

He said that the noble gesture by the bank is a milestone as it is in line with the ideals of vision 2016 of ensuring a “Compassionate, Just and Caring nation,”?“This gesture is a clear demonstration of good corporate citizen. Furthermore, this warm hearted gesture by Banc ABC is leaving a long lasting impression on the Swaki family. As you are aware government through its flagship programme of Poverty Eradication seeks longstanding partnership with the private sector and voluntary organizations to come up with strategies that address any impediments as we move towards improving lives of Batswana, through sustainable economic activities,” he said.?For her part, Seahokang Swaki, who is the elderly member of the Swaki family, thanked Banc ABC, and everyone who took part in the project for making the family’s dream a reality.?“I thank Banc ABC and everyone who made this dream become a reality. Above all I thank God for answering our prayers. I believe that through God everything is possible. Thank you Banc ABC and God bless you,” she said as her eyes welled with tears of joy.


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