Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bargain hunters replan budget for goods as petrol prices drop

The month of December has traditionally been a good business period for the retailer and the consumers will not be excused from indulging in unnecessary shopping sprees. In fact, with the current number of sales and discounts offered by traders at this time of the month, consumers are in for a hectic month of impulse buying.

In a snap survey by Sunday Standard, the
consumers are seen buying more groceries than they would on a normal basis in order to take to villages. Petrol is no longer a concern as it has been going down.

Wholesalers like Metsef and Trade World, with their price mark downs have the odds stacked in their favour compounded by the political instability in Zimbabwe forcing many to come to Botswana to buy groceries in bulk.

Offering different kinds of services in order for their products to be sold out, Trade World has even cashed in on the Metshelo (group buying) schemes and claims that special arrangements will be made for such groups.

Seneo Modise, part of a buying quartet, is excited to experience the special arrangements that some retailers claim they will make.

“I am also impressed that their (Trade World) extended business hours; it gets hectic at the office during this season so we get home late and will still need to buy groceries,” Modise said.
Even with the 30 percent alcohol levy implemented, the alcohol industry continues to fight for better market positions.

With the sales and discounts at an all time high, prices for certain beer products are lower than they normally would be on sales before the 30 percent levy was implemented.

Almost every trader has fallen into the tactic of offering endless raffles and competitions to consumers during the holiday season when people are less reluctant to spend on groceries.
Alcohol takers are happy with this development, as was proved by the excitement of 23-year-old Thabo Molamu.

“After the 30 percent levy, booze prices hit the roof and, as a student, it killed my budget to buy a case for the month. Now with these prices, I could start stocking up for the festive season, maybe up to January too,” said Molamu.

As is custom amongst Batswana, clothes are mostly bought at a high rate during the holiday season as gifts or presents for relatives.

Shoppers will be glad to know that clothing retailers such as Mr. Price, Edgars and Jet have already started their ‘priced to go’ campaigns.
Dikeledi Mokgautsi comments that in her experience, Mr. Price has always been cheaper so if they have a sale, she would definitely have to buy the clothes in bulk.

“As for Edgar’s with its good quality clothes, I can not afford to buy a few items from there; even if there is a sale I doubt I can get as many clothes as I would at Mr. Price.”

Most consumers say that they will be buying meat in bulk during the festive holidays. Due to the high costs of rice, sorghum and maize-meal, some say they will only opt for one out of the three, unlike the past years where they would buy all three.
Some say Sefalana’s prices have encouraged them to bend their budgets a little to accommodate more beverages for their celebrations.
The item in demand though would have to be maize-meal.

With petrol prices reduced yet once again, the consumers’ budgets are re-planned to fix more money for goods than petrol.


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