Sunday, July 3, 2022

Barolong Vocational Training Centre funds looted?

Barolong Vocational Training Centre is said to be teetering on the brink of collapse due to bankruptcy, with allegations flying thick and fast that management had looted the school’s coffers.

Some board members of BVTC alleged that the financial quagmire that the school finds itself in should be blamed on management, as they are the ones who misappropriated funds.

Sunday Standard is informed that operations at the school have grounded to a halt after a war of words erupted between the board and management. The school management is said to have increased their termination benefits without the blessing of the board, which resulted in the standoff.
Over P500 000 is estimated to be unaccounted for at the school.

Government has since delayed taking over the BVTC so that the missing funds can be accounted for, and those found guilty brought to book.

Some board members have allegedly called for the BVTC coordinator to be suspended.

It is further understood that the school management increased their termination benefits without the approval of the board.

One of the board members, Kopano Lekoma, said that they have written to the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, asking them to intervene.
“Relations between management and the board are currently at an all time low, especially because of the P500 000 that was withdrawn from the school’s accounts without the board’s approval,” he said.

The withdrawal of the funds has left the school with very limited funds, and board members have gone for a long time without being paid their sitting allowances.

Another board member, Losikanyana Molema, added that management capitalized on personal divisions within the board to loot the school’s funds.

“The board is also divided, and most of the time management used their weaknesses to do as they please. It is only now that they complain after their sitting allowances were not credited,” he said.

The two have revealed that the matter has since been reported to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, and they are still awaiting feed back.

“We want this matter to be investigated and those who misused the school’s funds to be brought to book,” he said.
The coordinator of BVTC, Peter Nakedi, said that he is not aware of any problems at the school.

“As far as I am concerned, management and the school board have a professional working relationship. I am also not aware of any financial problems at BVTC,” he said.

He, however, revealed that on a personal level there are some board members who are looking to get him into trouble, as they went and leveled false accusations against him to the DCEC.
“I am being investigated for falsehoods that were peddled by some board members who have personal vendettas against me,” he said.

He also revealed that the same board members once suspended him, but he was reinstated after it was found that their charges were unfounded.
Nakedi also said that preparations to hand over BVTC to government are progressing smoothly.

Barolong paramount chief, Kgosi Lentlamoreng, who is an ex officio member of the school board, said that he is aware of allegations that the school management gave themselves hefty raises. He, however, said that he is informed that the decision was reached after agreements with the board.


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