Thursday, July 18, 2024

Basketball league to start without a sponsor

The local basketball league will start without a sponsor in the first week of April after waiting too long for potential sponsors to show interest.

Botswana Basketball Association (BBA) Secretary Peter Ubakar said nothing concrete has been brought forward.

He said it is the same stories of empty promises. Ubakar however said whether there is any deal or not, the league will commence in the first week of April. From the beginning of this year, the league was delayed to make way for sponsorship negotiations. The league was supposed to start this weekend.

“We are hoping that Botswana National Sports Council can at least cover the officials and then we will struggle with the rest if we do not get a sponsor,” said Ubakar.

Another factor that is going to affect the progress of the league, Ubakar said, is that of the African Youth Games which are starting in May.

Ubakar said about 20 league players would be participating in the games. He however said the league would take a break for a week or two during the games.

Spartans coach Bobotho Ratsoma said his players are still on a long break. To him, the league will start after the Games and was not fully informed of the new developments.

While his arch-rivals Troopers have rounded up their transfer targets, Ratsoma said he is not ready to reveal his transfers yet.

He said there has not been any trading in his team, but confirmed losing Teko “The Jay” Sekgwama to arch-rivals Troopers.


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