Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BASPA, SPEDU commence secret joint agricultural projects

The Botswana Agricultural Sciences Professional (BASPA) and the Selebi Phikwe Diversification Unit Company (SPEDU) last Wednesday signed a Memorandum of agreement to kick-start a 10-year working relationship whose details they refused to divulge.

SPEDU corporate communications manager Shiellah Moribame-Moakofi said expectation is that the signed MoU will contribute to SPEDU’s mandate and elevate the agriculture sector in the region.

SPEDU’s primary mandate is to carry out business as a regional economic diversification agency that facilitates, invests in and implements sustainable economic projects for job creation and social upliftment opportunities for the region.

The new MoU represents the two organisations’ commitment to work together to improve the Agriculture sector in the SPEDU region by sharing knowledge, bringing skills, and technical know-how. Through it, SPEDU and BASPA are set to commence joint Agricultural projects in the region. “The MoU supports this mandate from the Agribusiness point of view and its value chain, which is another focal economic sector for SPEDU diversification programme,” says Moribame-Moakofi.

She further mentioned that SPEDU’s other main sectors: Tourism, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Development as well as Real Estate will also benefit through the value chain.
Moribame-Moakofi went on to say that BASPA, which is a Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) accredited Education and Training provider will champion Agricultural trainings in the SPEDU region. In addition to that it will facilitate capacity building as well as monitoring and evaluation of agricultural projects and offer impactful extension services to the farmers as deemed fit by the partnership with SPEDU.

She says the projects will create jobs and contribute to the country’s food security and contribute to the reduction of import bill. Furthermore, she said the projects will develop and promote products for the export market.

According to the BASPA Facebook Page, the highlight of the intimate signing ceremony was that the SPEDU leadership is committed to ensuring that the marriage becomes impactful.
Moribame-Moakofi was however reluctant to share the details of the agreement saying, “There are details of confidentiality regarding the MoU between the parties therefore we are unable to share it at this point in time. However, consultations are ongoing to close other matters regarding it.” Nonetheless she maintained that the partnership would go a long way in revitalising the SPEDU region.


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