Saturday, March 2, 2024

Batawana orginise 45th birthday bash for Kgosi Tawana

Batawana came in large numbers this past weekend to witness the celebration of Kgosi Tawana Moremi’s 45th birthday held at Maun main kgotla. The ceremony which was full of pomp and glamour was organized by his regiment, Matsaakgang, amongst them village elders which included his uncle, Kgosi Charles Letsholathebe.

Tawana arrived at the event in a horse in the company of his tribesmen, much to the delight of his people. For the reason that the tribal leadership had not wanted the party to be politicized, Kgosi Oleyo Ledimo said they had to pull out people who had put on party colours and had wanted to join the long motorcade. The same thing happened to those who had already formed part of the gathering at the kgotla, awaiting the arrival of the motorcade. Speakers at the event included Tawana’s mother Boitshoko Moremi who described him as a very humble man since he was born. His mother said from a very young age, Tawana had been a loving child who surrounded himself with like-minded people, which is why he is still some people’s favorite.

‘He liked sharing and giving. He avoided arguments, and that is how I brought him up. He was also good in sports and various dance moves including break dance. I don’t know if he can still dance the way he used to do, but he was a mastermind back in the days”, she said amid ululations from the crowd.

A representative of the morafe, Keloitsang Ledimo advised Tawana to remain resolute and not be discouraged by all the petty talk about him. He said people who suggest that Tawana should surrender politics and focus on his undertaking  as Batawana Kgosi are not wise in their thinking, saying the chief should also enjoy his constitutional right of standing for political office if he so wishes.

He called on his tribesmen to offer their chief the much needed support so that he may carry through and face the challenges ahead. Ledimo also noted that as Batawana, they should stand united because theirs is a long way as they also have a culture to preserve so that the younger generation may take after them. This, he said can only be achieved if they interact with their chief  from time to time, so that he may know their expectations, and or concerns, as well as how best they can be tackled.

“I personally don’t see anything wrong about him being in parliament because he is only following in the footsteps of others who came before him. People should also remember that this is the man who continues to fight for what rightfully belongs to us as a tribe. He has been called names and so forth, but we all know that had it not been for him interfering in issues of concern to our constituency, we could have lost a lot”, he said.

For his part, Kgosi Tawana Moremi said he was indeed humbled by the kind gesture bestowed on him by his people. He said having been formed in the 90’s, his regiment has done exceptionally well despite noticeable divisions brought by various political parties. “But I promise you everything will fall into place. I swear that nothing will ever get in between us, either politically or otherwise. I am happy that you did not let the recent talk about me divide you. That alone will protect us from many other tribulations ahead of us. As you may all be aware, politics has taken a different twist, but worry less because we are heading for change in a few day’s time”, he said.

Tawana said he came to the party well aware that it was non-political, which is why he did not put in anything resembling his party colors. “But first things first, there is no way we can avoid politics, particularly at this time when we are already feeling the heat. I have been humiliated and called names. I have been labeled as stupid by some of you, with some warning that I should wake up, but you still vote the same people who underestimate you. So I urge you to see the light and punish these people”.

He added; “I hear my mother and everybody else say I have always humbled myself. Not anymore. I am now a changed man, as I have learnt to retaliate, and I do it the hard way. I have realized that humbling myself will not take me anywhere because my innocence has always been deliberately challenged. I promise, however that I will come back to serve you as kgosi, as soon as my mission in parliament is accomplished”, he said.

A youth representative, Seloilwe Seloilwe advised that the time has come for Batawana to start emulating other tribes which take care of their royal. He said as the youth, they will try their level best and work at ensuring that transformation is achieved, so that they may look back in the future and smile at their achievements. Very soon, he said they will go on a bench-marking mission to Bafokeng people in South Africa to see how they excel in handling pertinent issues.


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