Thursday, January 27, 2022

Batch of E-passports stolen from Immigration office

The Assistant Manager of Communications in the Department of Labour and Home Affairs has said that 44 new e-passports, which were waiting to be collected, were recently stolen from the Palapye Immigration office following a break-in at the offices.

The unknown perpetrators, who broke into the immigration offices on the evening of April 3, are still at large.

She said that besides the passports, cash amounting to P1064, which had been raised by the Departmental Wellness Committee in Palapye, was also stolen.

She said that a suspect, who is not an employee of the Department, is currently being questioned about the matter.

“At the moment we have not had a case where the new e-passports had been successfully forged as such we still have hope that they cannot be forged,” she said having been asked about the passports and if they can be forged.

Besides that, she said that a list of all stolen passports will be distributed to all points of entry into the country and public places.

She said the owners of the stolen passports will be given other passports without having to pay.


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