Thursday, March 30, 2023

Batshu slams Chinese contractors

The Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Edwin Batshu, has joined the chorus of democrats in slamming Chinese contractors’ workmanship. Once considered the darling of Botswana, the Chinese are quickly losing favour with the ruling Botswana Democratic Party with its president Ian Khama leading the pack.

The minister poured scorn on the Chinese over the weekend during the handing over of a Utility Hall funded by Botswana Ash Pty Ltd (Botash) to Botswana Women Council (BWC) in Maitengwe Village in Tutume sub-district.

Speaking in vernacular, Batshu said “Batho ba motse ba ba agileng ntlo e ba tshwanetse go lebogiwa le fa ba duetswe ka gore ga ba a dira tiro e tshwanang ya ma China ba bareng ba fetsa go aga ntlo e be e wa.” (The local contractors in the village who constructed the hall should be applauded as they did not do a shoddy job like the Chinese contractors normally do).

The minister’s sentiments come at a time when Chinese contractors in the country are under the spotlight for building sub standard projects. Such projects include, among others, the construction of the Morupule B plant, which is currently behind schedule, Shakawe Senior Secondary School and the new Francistown Stadium whose completion has stalled for almost three years.

On a positive note, Batshu thanked Botash for its charity gesture by donating a fully fledged hall to BWC in Maitengwe Village saying that the project will help empower women in the village. He said that organizations like BWC are very important as they empower women and further promote democracy in the country.

The minister said that promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women is a positive development towards the attainment of the pillars of vision 2016.

“The Botswana Council of Women was established when the country was still reeling in abject poverty and now I am proud to say that the organization is thriving and it is clear that it is on the right track,” he said.

Batshu showered praise on the late Ruth Khama, who is the founder of BCW, saying that her legacy continues to shine through the organization.


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