Thursday, October 28, 2021

Batshu to act as Minister indefinitely- Ramsay

The spokesperson in the Office of the President, Jeff Ramsay, says that the appointment of former Commissioner of Police, Edwin Batshu, as Acting Justice, Defence and Security Minister was indefinite and will not elapse after six months as is the case with government employees.

He explained that the difference in this case was that Batshu was not a civil servant but a politician and was appointed to the position by the President of the country, Ian Khama.

“His stay in the post will be indefinite as he was appointed by the head of state on this condition,” he said.

Batshu started his role as the acting Justice, Defence and Security Minister in February this year.
This followed after the former Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Ndelu Seretse, resigned his post after he was charged with corruption in relation to his company, known as RFT Botswana Pty Ltd, having tendered and won a tender from the Ministry he was heading.

This week, Seretse‘s lawyers made an application asking the Southern Regional Magistrate presiding over the case to acquit and discharge him, saying the state had allegedly taken too long before bringing him before Court.

The state has since opposed this application and the judgment on the matter has been reserved.


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