Friday, July 12, 2024

Batswana can do better

Dear Editor

I have followed, with interest, various comments by the public ever since the announcement of the 70% increase in alcohol tax, and the subsequent postponement of its application. Undue criticism of those against the idea is itself undue. Indeed, “mmualebe o bua la gagwe.”

However, criticism of the state’s decisions must itself be constructive. If we are to inform policy and governance, we must do more than an exhibition of our frustrations. Take this example: Many against the alcohol levy have simply said that they are so willing to counter the move by, among other things, going to drink in Mafikeng, and resorting to home-made brews. More strikingly, others have warned the government that they are now considering new pastimes such as motokwane and cocaine, since alcohol will no longer be affordable. I really want to believe that these are jokes, whose only defect are that they are not funny, and were perhaps made in jest by a few of us. Seriously, are we a nation so desperate to get high that we would do anything to remain high? Or is this an illustration of the moral decay that is a contemporary concern? Surely, we can do much better than that.



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