Saturday, May 21, 2022

Batswana jump border to fetch water inside South Africa

The headman of Mabule village, Kgosi Morota Tiro has said  due to water shortages in his area he has instructed his subjects to fetch water from their relatives in South Africa.


Police on the other hand say they will arrest anybody who  illegally crosses the border to fetch water in South Africa.


Speaking to The Telegraph this week, Kgosi Tiro said due to unavailability of water in his village he has ordered his people to fetch water from South Africa as there is no other alternative.


He said six months ago water shortage became so serious that some people were forced to go to work without taking a bath.  


“Students also go to school without having taken a shower; that is an embarrassment,” he said. 


 The village traditional leader said Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) has dismally failed residents as it is unable to supply them with water.


He said often primary school pupils are sent away from school because there is no water.


 He said that is likely to affect their academic performance. 


Tiro argued that he would not leave his people die due to lack of water when they have  relatives on the other side of the border from who they can get water.


“They should get help from their relatives from the other side of the border that have plenty of water. Their relatives in South Africa are providing them with water without having to part with any thebe,” he said. 


The defiant Tiro warned that “even if the police can arrest them, his people will not stop jumping the border until the water situation is thoroughly addressed. As it is now residents will cross to South Africa as they please,” he said. 


“I am appealing to my State President to pay a visit to see the difficulties that we are facing.”


He said people are thirsty and are about to die.


The Police station commander of Pitshane Molopo Superintendent Thari Senwelo said as the police they have not received any report that suggests that some residents of Mabule are crossing into South Africa to fetch water. 


Senwelo said although there is serious shortage of water in his policing area they will arrest anybody who will   cross into South Africa illegally as that is against the law.


He stated that law enforcements agencies have been deployed to patrol the border.


Area Councillor for Mabule, Moses Senanguncilor said it is true that some residents fetch water from South Africa and that has now become a daily life style.


He said water shortage in the village has gone from bad to worse which he said is uncalled for.


Senang shared the same sentiments with his headman that it is now high time that the state president visited to get the facts for himself..    


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