Tuesday, November 28, 2023

BBA pre-season tournaments a success

The Botswana Basketball Association (BBA) technical director, Shalosh Matsetse says the BBA had fruitful competitions since they resumed sport this year. “Based on the recent tournaments BBA hosted since the code returned to play, there is a slight improvement in terms of physical performance and players are gradually getting better in their technical play. When the games started most players had gained weight and were slow on play but now the players are well conditioned and can run the floor with ease,” he added.

According to him the various of basketball tournaments held this year was a success and they managed to expose the athletes to intensive training which is required in competitions.

Matsetse noted that BBA’s intention is to develop a foundation of skills and fitness before the league starts. The series of tournaments are an opportunity to give the individuals and teams a platform to regroup and restructure their strategies going into the league season.

The skills in demand for a good basketball player according to Matsetse include; speed, endurance, technically and tactically on point to be able to compete, and the ability to be able to read the game on both ends (offense and defence).

“The drawback is that BBA had two years without games and the players are not 100% on skills and tactics. However, everything is on track, the association is ready for the league and the players will get better as time goes on,” he noted.

BBA recently hosted the pre-season tournament for both men and ladies’ teams, and the annual 3×3 tournament to expose the athletes to competitive games.

Police academy this weekend hosted the first leg of the “Showtime” tournament which will run for two weekends. The second leg will be held on 5th -6th June. The league is scheduled to start next month, 11th June 2022.


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