Wednesday, May 22, 2024

BBA prepares for international tournaments

Botswana Bowling Association is hopeful of a rub of the green as it prepares a team to compete at various international competitions later this year.

BBA head of public relations Ookeditse Lesang says the association will be sending teams to compete in international events in September. Botswana will have a team at the World Bowls Championship in Gold Coast, Australia from 29 August to 10 September 2023. It will also have representatives at the World Singles Champions of Champions scheduled to take place on September 11.

Team Botswana has recruited 10 bowlers to compete in the men’s and women’s singles, pairs, triples and fours divisions at the World championships. The men’s team is made up of Baven Balendra, Michael Gabobewe, Diane Nixon Senna, Andre Van De Walt and Binesh Desai while the women’s team is composed of Lephai Modutlwa, Lesedi Mafoko, Molatedi Douma, Gasegarona Pabalelo and Gaoromelwe Pelemo. The men are led by Balendra and Modutlwa will spearhead the women team. Meanwhile, Botswana will be represented by national champions in men’s singles and women’s singles, Fred Kelatwang and Tshenolo Moshokgo respectively.  

With National Sports Associations (NSAs) struggling for finances, the association spokesperson says players will travel at their own expense. The bowling association may however ‘help cover some of the costs.’

Lekang adds that the bowling association survives because of the players’ passion for competition and advancement in the sport. In singles bowling, cash sales are the main source of income for tournaments with high attendance.

With Botswana readying to also host international bowling tournaments, the association spokesperson believes competing in international competitions will help. “World Bowls has announced that sometime next year Botswana will host the African Province (ASB) tournament for the Southern African Bowls teams. The BBA hopes that by joining Botswana, African countries will have the opportunity to bring their games to the people and gain support from the local business community,” he notes.

Botswana recently joined Namibia’s ASB and the level of bowling was incredibly high, however local bowlers   won the silver medal in the men’s all-around competition and the women’s gold in the triples categories.

Considering the recent addition of the Bowls Para division to international competition, Lekang stated that, Botswana still lacks players in the field, nevertheless he praised bowling as a comprehensive sport that anyone with a passion for the sport can join. He mentioned that as part of inclusion for all of our BBA bowling alleys are wheelchair accessible.”


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